Why You Can Lose Your Data In Your Laptop

Data recovery from laptop computer that is not responding is one of the more serious challenges one has to face, when he is put in the unfortunate situation of having a dead laptop before him. The arrival of laptops and notebook PCs have completely changed the way we are using the powers of the modern day computers to solve our daily problems. But, their mobility and versatility to be with you wherever you go adds to their vulnerability of getting damaged easily.

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Modern day laptops are being used in every possible location and this adds to their likelihood of being damaged and once this happen the vital data contained in its hard drive is at total risk. Data is the main blood and flesh of present day business and it must be available always to run the business on a day to day basis.

Losing this vital data will be one of the biggest losses sometimes that cannot be imagined at all. But it is a reality that you may have to look for ways to recover data from damaged hard drives in a laptop or those on malfunctioned ones due to mechanical failures or physical damage.

When the reality blinks on your face of losing the entire data on a hard drive, you will be happy at least partially if you have had the time and inclination to back up your vital data and in this case the damage will be minimal. Though, it is ideal to have backups of all the data we generate, it is not a practical reality at all times. Hence the need for finding ways of data recovery is a matter of utmost importance often, in the lives of persons who are relying more on their laptops during their daily business or personal lives.

Data you create on your laptop is stored on the hard drive which is a mechanical device that is functioning with lots of moving parts. Hence, the likelihood of a malfunction is very real. Apart from this be it windows based system or one that works on other operating systems our computers is exposed to a vast number of virus and malware infections. These make our laptops to malfunction and make them behave in unintended ways. Some of the modern viruses are very destructive in nature and they make the hard drives crash and make the data recovery a very difficult process.

When your computer or laptop is unable to boot normally into the operating system and begin its operations, then the first thing you have to check is the possibility of virus infections. For this, you have to first use your system’s boot up disk and try to restore it to the previous working state and run the virus scan to remove the virus and once this is done your system must resume its operation as it used to.

When this is not possible and your hard drive’s file system details and the File allocation tables are completely damaged by the virus, this type of corruption of this critical data will make the hard drive unable to read and assemble the files you want. This cannot be cured easily and you have to find other ways to recover data through a person who is technically trained in the modern data recovery methods.

If you are having a hard drive with the Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) then it will be possible for you to know the probability of the hard disk crash. This will help you take suitable backups and minimise the damage caused to your hard disk. When your laptop hard drive has suffered an accidental damage, it is better to approach a reputable data recovery service centre who can use very modern and highly technical ways of checking your hard drive and the associated sub-systems that are connected with the data handling and data storage and can easily do the recovery of all your files from the damaged or malfunctioned hard drive of your laptop.

When you have entrusted the data recovery process to a good, honest data recovery specialists it is possible to get all the data from your hard disk even if it is damaged or not working.

Now there are advanced software applications to

o    Extract, assemble and recover all the data from inaccessible partitions and drives,
o    Files and disks that are completely corrupted by virus or system malfunctioning
o    Virus infections of all types
o    Accidental or mistaken overwriting of data
o    Mistaken or accidental file deletions
o    Data loss due to laptop component failures of system crashes
o    Physical damage due to fire, flood or damage to seepage of water
o    Damage due to media contamination
o    Accidental and unintended formatting of drives or
o    Unintended or accidental partitioning of  hard drives

But you must be aware that the data recovery from a damaged hard drive is a very time consuming and tedious process that is going to take long time for getting the data from your laptop.  The service personnel has to check your entire system to find out the source of the problem and take suitable steps to make your laptop fail proof so that the problem does not recur in future.

So, always follow the healthy practice of taking regular time bound backups of your vitally important data and keep them in a safe place. To avoid costly problems and loss of important data do always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of your laptop in preventive maintenance of your laptop. Always create system restore disks and keep them ready to bring your system back to life with minimum loss of data. 
You have to protect your system from virus and malware attacks by installing the right type of anti-virus software and scan your machine periodically to remove all the infections then and there and this is the best way to maintain the health of your laptop system so that you can get the best possible service from your laptop.

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