Why Toshiba Laptop Freezes

The Toshiba laptop has the same basic parts as any other laptop on the market. The same CPU is the same specification of the motherboard, etc. All the tools that are used for other laptop are used for Toshiba laptops as well.

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When a laptop freezes, it is most likely the fault of the memory or RAM. But, not necessarily, as the laptop is a complex machine and the fault can be starting from the CPU and finishing in the hard drive. Toshiba laptop overheating problems are less common that other with other branded laptops. But, there are some models that suffer especially from overheating. What happens when it overheats will be to show a blue screen, or other weird malfunction, and also will freeze in some cases.

Where do you start in repairing a freezing laptop? You start with the RAM or memory checking. Windows 7 has a memory diagnostic tool, and it is recommended to use this tool. It is located in Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Windows Memory Diagnostic

Figure 1: Windows memory diagnostic tool

If the test passes without any warnings and the laptop still is running, the next step would be to test the hard drive. If the test gives a warning, then it is better to replace the faulty memory module.

After the memory test, the hard drive can be tested from the Windows operating system with HDTune, or can be tested using UBCD4WIN. The HDTune is preinstalled in the bootable diagnostic CD.

Figure 2: HDTune running on UBCD4WIN

After conducting the tests and the system is still stable and works, then it is most likely the fault of the operating system, there may even be a virus. There are many good virus removing programs like Avira, Malvarebytes, etc. Our business can almost always do operating system reinstallation if there is a virus infection. The virus can’t be removed completely though, so it is better to be 100 percent sure than sorry.

Here is a list of what Toshiba laptops suffer from:

Faulty hard drives
Faulty memory
Sometimes the DC Jack breaks off, even if it is not on the motherboard
Virus infection
There is a laptop motherboard model with AMD CPU that fails frequently with a blank screen.
Very often the USB port gets damaged and the pins can shorten +5V, in that case, the system will not start or will power down immediately after the short circuit occurs.
Also, water damage is lethal if the laptop is left without cleaning.
We had a Toshiba laptop was freezing because of marmalade that got onto the RAM slot.
Clocking with dust heat sink plates is a design flaw. This means that the distance between the radiator plates are so small that the dust covers them, and stops the air from circulating.

Basically if the Toshiba laptop is freezing and this is your personal laptop better is to take all the steps described above and make a system stress test with a program like OCCT. The stress test will definitely reveal the problem or will verify the repair.

Figure 3: My favourite computer stress test software.

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We Sell Windows 10 Home and Pro 32/64 bit Factory Reset, Reinstall, and Restore USB Flash Drives For Laptops And Desktop Computers.

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