Water spill on HP laptop.

by Kennedy
(Kingsland, GA, USA)

Water was put on my HP laptop, and it wasn't realized until the laptop powered off. I unplugged it, took the battery off the back, took off the mouse and tried to dismantle the laptop. I cannot get the keyboard off.

How can I repair the water damage? I took the hard drive out and wrapped it in a paper towel and put it in rice because that's what I've done for cell phones. Is it possible that my only option is data recovery? Is data recovery an option?


You definitely need to take out the keyboard and probably dismantle the laptop completely. Just google your laptop model with a keyword "disassembly instructions".

And the data from the hard drive you can get back using a USB to SATA adapter, just look on eBay for it.

Here is the water spillage repair guide for a laptop if you need further info.

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