Virus Prevention Techniques

The easiest way to prevent a virus infection is not to use an operating system. But, that is really not an option. The truth is that we need operating systems for business applications as well as for home entertainment. The purpose of a virus is to get into the system and change something about it, and most antivirus software applications try and catch the virus before it has done damage to the system. But, the reality is that virus creators usually test different viruses against the majority of antivirus programs, thus making them invisible.

The operating system itself is immune to outside intruders. We are all making viruses work by running infected program, or by checking infected emails. If we need to use the Windows operating system, it is advised to not use any product from Microsoft that is unnecessary. For example, use an open source internet browser; use a free email program or a complete online interface. This will probably save the system from many different viruses. Many virus creators use weak places in the Microsoft software to get it into the system.
Another trick is to not use a USB dongle because this is actually the easiest way a virus gets into the system. Instead, use DVD-RW or other DVD’s to move data, or use online storage such as Dropbox.

It is also good to use an open source internet browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Viruses are getting more sophisticated everyday and there are loads of infected pages out there, simply browsing an infected site will download a virus code into your computer. Search engines try and monitor this activity and remove sites from index pages that have virus codes on it. But, they can’t do this fast enough, and infected web site sometimes stay in the index pages for weeks unnoticed.

It is best to not connect your computer directly to the internet and to use routers to protect it. Mobile internet dongles are a very easy way for a virus to reach the system.

Every one who I know who has used a mobile internet dongle ended up with a virus and therefore needed to switch to a broadband. The router will act as a computer for the outside world and a virus will not find a way to install itself anywhere. Routers also have firewalls and other monitoring devices for other types of virus attacks.

If there is no need to use business applications, and all work and entertainment is able to be used through online means, then it is best to consider using Linux or Mac OS X. 

Do not install two different antivirus programs on one computer as this will lead to big trouble. And, do not install different security products from different manufacturers like Zone Alarm Firewall and Avira antivirus together under one system. One antivirus program will make the system secure enough. If you want complete security then install a product from Norton. But, then again, this will sacrifice the system speed.

You can get a good antivirus Avira by clicking the image below.

My personal opinion about Antivirus Avira is good. I have used it for some time now it does a pretty good job. Just one irritating thing about it is that if a free personal version is used, there are many adverts. And, these adverts do slow down the system.

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