Are You Torn Between Buying a Cheaper or Expensive Laptop?

Buying a laptop is a very crucial decision for every individual whether you are a businessman, student or professional. The performance of your laptop would bring you success in the future. It plays a significant role to your performance in your every endeavour. With this, you have to be very careful in buying a laptop. Do not be tricked by the price, it may have lower specs. Do not go for second hand, it may have damage history.

The qualities of a laptop that you have to choose are durable, reliable and superb features. If quality is not important to you, it is your choice but do not expect it to last and to give you excellent performance. But if you use it for business and for work, you should not sacrifice the quality over the price. However, it is better to have a lower price with incredible features. Basically, we want to buy a budget friendly laptop but we do not want to get something that will not last in a longer period of time. If you are caught between buying cheap laptops and expensive one, so here are the differences between the two which might help you in choosing:

1. Processors

Cheaper laptops have Celeron processor that is way simpler than that of with the expensive one. The internal storage was reduced and the processing power is lower that suits only for non-heavy work. Cheap laptop can have a hard time connecting to the internet however this budget friendly laptop is low in electromagnetic fields that making it an edge.

2. Screens

Cheap laptop is low in resolution but expensive ones have better resolution compared to it. You can have a model 15.4 inch screen laptop with 1366 x 768 resolutions seeing a pixelated image. Good thing is that, when your laptop is low in resolution that means a longer battery life because it will eat up lesser of the batteries energy.

3. Memory

Expensive laptop contains memory which are the latest compared to the cheaper laptop. Actually, the memory of the laptop is not that vital because we can always increase it if we want to use other accessories that can upgrade it, only and if the memory is not soldered.

4. Storage

Just like with the memory, storage can be increased if we wanted to if again the storage is not soldered because you can never increase nor decrease the amount of it. However there are some models where storage can be upgraded even if it is soldered, you just have to choose wisely. But for the laptop which can't be upgraded can be only increased in storage by using flash drives.

5. Operating system

Operating systems does not really matter, because different Windows have varying features. Sometimes Windows 7 is preferable than of that Windows 10 because when you shut down your computer using windows 10 operating system it will only write part of the codes to the hard drive but will does not really shut the system down.

6. Quality of build

Decent quality laptops can be available everywhere, they can be cheaper or expensive. It may be branded or not but still it can have the top quality, even those laptops that are manufactured in China can have the best quality offering excellent quality over money. The only problem with laptops nowadays is that you may have a model that is dedicated graphic cards with self-de-soldering chips from logic boards.

8. Portability

All of the laptops available today can be insanely thin and has a longer energy life may it be cheap or expensive. So the price won’t matter anymore but your preference will.

9. Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Some people prefer laptop with low electromagnetic field. Underpowered cheap laptops usually have the lower EMF that will suit to the people who don’t like gadgets with high EMF. There are also brands that have lower electromagnetic fields on all of its models. Take Toshiba brand for example, it has the lowest EMF to all of its varying models compared to any other brands. People may feel safer with low electromagnetic field laptops that with that high EMF so they would rather buy laptop with low EMF may it be cheap or expensive.

10.  Games

Graphic chips are needed if you want to have games with your laptop, but having one will cost you much money. However there are games that don’t need graphic chips and will still play on your laptop but the best games always need one.
In choosing the laptop you'll need to own you don’t only consider the price but also consider the different factors necessary such as your preference and its technical specifications. This will help you to have a laptop that is not only for bragging but can be utilized in a longer period of time. Choosing the right laptop is saving your money and energy because you won’t need to purchase new in a time since yours still works better. So, it may be expensive or not but what really matters is the quality and how you handle it. Because in the end, you will be the one who will gain from it.


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