Stripped screw

by Dave
(Derby, KS, USA)

Desktop hard drive

Desktop hard drive

Taking apart a hard drive, I stripped a screw; have you had to use screw extractors on a computer? If so, where can I find one small enough for computer screws? I think the smallest size I've seen for screw extractors are 5/16". If you have any other ideas on how to remove a stripped screw I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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Feb 21, 2018
Stripped screw
by: Remus

If you're going to scrap it just unscrew the other screws and bend the aluminum lid.

Dremel would be also handy.

And no, I never had a stripped screw on a hard drive because I do not do that much of hard drive repairs or data recovery.

If I ever get a stripped screw elsewhere I use Dremel.

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