Strange Email From Strange Data Recovery Company

Recently I received the following email:

: Hey,
I’m Tansiya.  I work for Remo Software Private Limited, located in Bangalore.
Recently, I was looking through your website and noticed some topics are really resonated with me. I thought it was something that would be a great fit for our products. We have a wide range of data recovery and repair products and looking for someone who can review our Remo Recover Windows product.
I wanted to get in touch with you to discuss this topic further.
If you’re interested, please let me know.

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I then replied:


Thanks for your email. Yes, we can write a review for the software.
First, we will need copies of the software to begin.

She then asked: May I know the site name...?

I sent the address of this website. Since then I have heard nothing from her.

I think is a bit unprofessional, the fact that they work with customers sensible data yet they manage to lose credibility, so quickly. It might be that there is something that is preventing her from contacting me. But she also knows the website, which she can reach me via the contact form.

In the last email I told her that I will write a review anyway, but most likely will not be positive.

Haven’t heard from her since.

I have found a few unhappy Remo Software customers that have reached even Better Business Bureau. Likewise, if a customer does need to write to BBB, then this tells a bit about their customer service. Perhaps, it’s because the software does not work and this is why many customers are getting refunds. Of course, some customers will forget to get a refund, so the money will stay with the company.

I also found people complaining on the Mac Rumour forums about Remo Software not refunding them when they were supposed to provide a refund.

So, I am also slightly skeptical about the software. Everything on the website is a bit cheesy.

So, proceed with caution.

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