How to Speed Up Windows Vista

In this article, I will teach you how to make a Vista computer faster. I must mention that making a Vista faster is not an easy task, but it is possible. In some cases, the only way to make a Vista computer faster is to install Windows 7. On a side note, using Windows 8  is very different from the usual Windows, and something that needs getting used to. 

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It is best to start from memory, in other words, start with how much RAM your computer has and then you can determine if that amount is enough. The best way to check this is when you feel that your laptop starts to slow down, press Ctrl Alt Del on your keyboard, then on the new screen, you will see a list of options, choose the lowest option that says Start Task Manager.

This will open up a new window.

Next, click on the performance tab. Take a look at where it says, Physical Memory (MB) and then, Free. If this number is close to zero, then you need to add more memory to your computer. Usually, this number is doubled. For example, if there is 1 GB of memory, then it will be doubled to 2 GB. If there is 2 GB of memory, then it is best to double it to 4 GB. Why double it? Because, there will be a used memory stick that is the same as the old memory stick in order to be compatible. If we choose to use an unusual amount such as 3 GB, then the memory sticks will be different and then your computer might not work optimally.

Below is the same Task Manager. We will start by going to go to the Tab Processes.  You will see what program takes most of the processing power.

Usually you will see that the System Idle Process takes most of the CPU (Processor) time, this is a good sign and indicates that a big part of the processor simply does nothing. Now, if you have noticed that your computer is running slower, quickly go to the Task Manager, check that this is not due to memory problems, and then go to the Processes tab to find out what’s really going on. Most likely, the program that takes all the CPU power is Internet Explorer or Firefox; especially when there are several tabs open. Firefox has an option that will allow you to wait loading a tab until you click on it.

It the following part of the article, I will show you how to disable programs that we suspect might slow the entire system down. There is a good software to do this made by Microsoft. Do this by clicking the Start button, then typing MSCONFIG in the search field. This will open up the System Configuration window.

Follow this by going to the Startup Tab. In this area, almost all of the programs will start when the computer starts. This list can be small such as in this case since this is a fresh vista installation., or this list can be very long if the operating system has been running for a few years. Now, for the next step, in order to disable a  program, simply unclick it and then click Apply or OK. It will tell you that in order to apply new settings, it needs to restart now or restart later. Do not disable anything that says Microsoft Corporation, and Intel Corporation may be Realtec, etc. Those are genuine and respectful companies and their products will rarely cause any problems on your computer. One good thing about the System Configuration window is that the disabled program can be switched on again with just one click. For example, if you disabled a few programs and then something started to go wrong, don’t worry, just do the MSCONFIG again, which will enable everything. You may then disable each program one by one. 

The last thing I would like to discuss is the antivirus software. Believe it or not, antivirus software does slow down your computer system. This might sound strange, but I have seen many computers suffer from this problem. I have removed many antivirus programs simply because it was impossible to use the computer with the programs installed. Today, there are two popular antivirus programs  Norton and McAfee. Both of these antivirus programs are not bad, but they are not optimal for any computer.
If you have Norton or McAfee installed and you are experiencing a system slow down,  go to the Task Manager and check how much Free Physical Memory there is, if the number is close to zero, then you need to either update the memory or uninstall the antivirus software, or disable it temporarily using MSCONFIG.

The temperature of your computer system also plays a big role in it’s overall performance. Today’s smart processors slow down if the inside of the computer gets too hot. Not all older systems  do this, but the newer systems definitely do. In order to avoid having your computer system overheat, make sure to keep your computer clean, and if it is a laptop, make sure it gets enough air underneath in order to make sure the inside is cool enough.

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