Solving Sony VAIO Laptop Problems

Here, I will explain the most frequent Sony VAIO laptop problems.
First of all, I would like to mention the cooling system on the VAIO laptop has flaws. When the laptops were manufactured in the factory, they probably used a cheap heat sink paste. This is the reason why, after about one year of use, it starts to overheat, crash and shuts down randomly.

Fixing this issue is possible by opening the laptop. Just before we try to open it, make sure that the warranty period is expired. Usually this is one year from the purchase date. If the laptop is still under warranty, we can try to return it to the dealer. But then again, the place where you bought it will be resistive to accept the laptop, and will be telling you that it is a software issue. Software issues usually are not covered by the warranty.

As I said before, the overheating problem can be fixed by disassembling the laptop. For this purpose, a Philips screwdriver is needed. Sony uses two types of screws on VAIO laptops, so it is easy to remember where they come from. First, unscrew the screws holding the heatsink. Take out the heatsink and clean the CPU surface. Apply the CPU thermal compound that is either a silver or gold colour. Then assemble everything back together.

Another problem that most likely occurs on Sony laptops is the failing hard drive. Usually, this is indicated by a slow system performance, crashing programs or even a blue screen. There are two good programs to check the hard disk with, the GSmartControl and HDTune. I would recommend using HDTune because it displays faults visually. How to use HDTune is described in another article.

Some Sony laptop models have a capacitor fault. The capacitors that are used in the integrator are too close to the CPU and constantly overheat. They lose their capacity and the CPU voltage, Vcore gets filled with artifacts.

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Figure 1: Capacitors that get damaged by heat from the CPU.

Symptoms shown will be a blue screen, slow performance and, sometimes the laptop will not even start.

These are probably all the problems that occur on this laptop model. Sony likes to load laptops with unnecessary software, which can result in slowing the laptop down or even crashing. My friend once bought a Sony laptop and after a few months, he was unable to play games that he used to play. After the fresh install, everything was fixed.

Viruses are no exception, and on Sony laptops, standard procedures to cure virus infections are the use of system restore or MalwareBytes. MalwareBytes is free if used to scan the system, but it needs a license if it is going to be used in real time protection.

Also, the memory or in other words, RAM is one of the components that gets faulty. In regards to the memory, it happens not as frequently, and tends to happen on laptops with a solid amount of age, for example three or four years old.

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