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One of my friends had come to my room, frustrated and seemingly ashamed of the day that he had. I couldn’t get the reason for all the feelings and the much complaints so I chose to listen to this lady friend I had. She couldn’t settle as the issue was seriously bothering her, so after a while she comes out clear and she tells me how this internet connection had messed her up in the presentation that she was having in the investors meeting for her new project that she was having. And now the investors had left thinking that she was unprepared and a mediocre and simply a lady (Walsh, 2014). Yet we all know how a feminine woman feels by just being seen as ‘just a lady’.

So, she explains the slow network connectivity that had messed her loading capacity of the system that she was presenting and the various attributes that she was presenting all that was completely made inadequate giving the fact that most of the work was based on the connectivity to the internet. This was a major blow to her considering the fact that most of her investors had backed out on the deal, at least most of them. The most immediate thing I did was to help her diagnose the various problems that the computer would have so as to ensure the necessary measures are undertaken to resolve the problem before the next presentation.

The first issue to check was the internet cable that she was using which would have been the root cause if it were loose at some point. This was to e resolved by repairing the cable if found loose this would ensure that the electronic pulses are adequately transmitted via the cable which will reduce the instances of poor connections to the internet.

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The other issue that we were to check was the driver’s functionality to ensure that they were up to date and running efficiently to support the internet connection. If found faulty the drivers would be repaired, updated and replaced if necessary which the latter is not a common case as most drivers would need simple upgrading and installation of support drivers that enhance better connectivity of the laptop to the internet. The driver problem is normally caused by a poor functioning of the system and the outdated versions of the software that are related to the connectivity. The solution to such can also be to reboot the computer to restart the vital drivers in case the drivers are facing minor issues in connecting to the internet.

Driver configuration problems can be caused by attacks on the computer by malwares, viruses and adware that can be creating trouble for the computer as it runs. The adequate capacity may be masked by the various trojan viruses that create incognito relapses in the system to cause slow connections and response of the computer to the internet connections. The computer viruses may attack the whole system to create lags in the processing speeds and the recovery time that the computer uses to manage the computer’s capacity to provide quality results when in use. This can cause the computer to experience poor connectivity to the internet.

To solve such issues related to the virus and malware attacks, the user can identify an anti-virus package that suits the computer for the different attacks that the computer faces. the user can also check the computer’s default defender such as the windows defender to ensure that it is running appropriately to protect the computer from attacks. These activities will give the user an advantage on the usage of the computer to give optimum performance during internet connectivity.

The other problem that can be resulting to poor connectivity is the bad modem and band width problems of the modem and the routers. The modems and the routers are specifically made to connect the computer to the ray of bandwidth of the internet that is sent from a source. The problem with the modems can be the issue in its hard ware where the connections in it are not well established and also the connection to the computer is loose as it may occur. Some modems do not easily configure with some laptop software thus the use of the modem may be limited. Such connectivity issues can be checked by an electrician who can identify the loose connections in the hardware of the computer and the configuration problem can be fixed by reconnecting the modem to the USB ports of the computer.

The routers have a bandwidth that connects the laptop and computer at a radius that is specified and the range can be checked to ensure that the laptop is in range during the presentations or rather the user can use some boosters to ensure that the internet connection is strong at the moment of use. This was the issue with my friend as she was too far from the bandwidth radius that made her access to the internet irrelevant. The installation of routers with a greater bandwidth or having a portable router can also help the user to manage the internet related jobs at any point without the worry of the required radius for connection.

Most of the users of internet depend on the internet providers who are mostly the telecommunication and broadcasting companies around the world who have the tools and the capacity to purchase bulk internet for distribution. The alternative can be the contact of the internet providers to provide a stronger bandwidth that can be reliable at greater radius than before. This may prove expensive but it may give the internet providers a chance to market its services adequately in the long run. With this my friend was completely sorted on the issue and was ready for a make over of the whole project. Seemingly, the investors were still interested in the vague idea that was presented, which must have been a wonder for most, but what can we say, without the web, no explanation is satisfactory even at the least.


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