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On my 16th birthday I received a gift from my aunt who lived in the Arab Emirates as a aide worker with an international organization and I was shoked to have a gift from her. It must have been the most memorable moment as most times what I received from friends and family as birthday gifts was a lot of smiles and awkward happy feeling of how much they loved me (only because my dad could do some amazing baking activities in the kitchen).

At a point I realized that the only gift I had ever received was stored up in my belly as future use energy because of how plump I got from the cakes my father used to make for me. So, this one time I am so happy that an actual wrapped gift had come from my aunt and guess what? It was a laptop, a Dell laptop. I was happy beyond myself and I couldn’t imagine myself being myself after this, especially after the realization that having a laptop in my era was a real deal.

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I couldn’t lend it to anybody even my own mom who was always on her cases in the law firm and I was using it to get creative musical beats and hack into some unaware guys who hosted networks at the time. It was the time killer for me, forget the baseball games and the basketball tryouts. This joy only lasted for so long as my laptop began to restart itself and it got worse as the restarting got worse to a point I had a 30-minute rule before it rebooted by itself. This was a kick to my ego as I could no longer use my laptop to play my favorite mahjong game and the Dave adventure game and I felt like a sucker for such an issue.

I embarked on a mission to find out the trouble with my laptop and I made several discoveries that helped me diagnose the various troubles with the machine. The first realization was the various problems that the laptop would be facing which included the problem with the automatic operating system updating which may be due to the inability of the laptop to configure the various files that are in the update which will cause the laptop to reboot its system in an attempt to correct the drivers and the various software that hinder the update of the installed OS. This issue can be eliminated by the use of a more compatible OS on the machine and block all the automatic updates on the OS so as to encourage the manual application of the operating system to the specifications of the laptop’s capacity.

The second finding was that my laptop would be experiencing an attack from adware, malware and viruses that can be interfering with the working of the machine and the performance of the laptop. This can be dangerous as most of the malware that attack the laptops reduce the security and the fidelity of the computer by a great lot to create a lot of trouble especially if it causes the loss of information and the loss of security. The viruses and the malware will cause the machine to lose the optimum functionality of the computer and interfere with the various programs that help the laptop to operate without restarting the machine. This may lead to the loss of the information and data that was readily available in the RAM and which had not been saved and may cause trouble for the user in the short run of activities.

The other finding that I came across was the possibility of the poor performance of the graphics card as most of the laptops will try reboot its whole system to check for repairs and refresh its graphics card properties to ensure that it performs perfectly. Graphics card is responsible for the pixel arrangement and the production of projections of the information in the computer on the monitor. the graphics card quality will define the quality of picture that the laptop has in relation to the quality offered to the computer. This will therefore determine the ability of the computer to constantly provide picture and if the graphics card is damaged or working poorly the laptop will restart often.

The final finding made was that the problem could have arisen from the troubles from the mother board of the laptop. This would mean that that the various components of the computer in the mother board such as the BIOS had a problem and several issues such as loose connections and short-circuits in the board could have been the reason the laptop was constantly restarting itself. Problems that arise from the mother board are associated with how the various aspects of the laptop are connected to forge a connectivity of the various information that is being run in the computer. The mother board can be repaired easily if the issue is simple such as loose connections in the board that can be repaired by an electrician. The mother board should be carefully managed as the complete short-circuiting on the board will fry the connections that will cause more losses than when earlier repaired.

The different challenges that have been outlined are both hardware and software related and the realization of this will help the user to easily diagnose the problem and find the options that are there in the repair of the laptop which will be helpful in the reduction of the time used in the diagnose of the trouble of the computer. This helped me get back on my happy ride as I diagnosed my laptop to have a loose motherboard connection that was easily repaired at a computer shop and the issue was solved immediately.

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