How To Replace a Wireless Antenna Cable on a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop

I am not sure that you will want to do a full cable replacement. A full cable replacement is not difficult to do, but is somewhat tedious because a laptop screen and everything inside the screen assembly has to be disassembled and then assembled back together again. Personally, I have never enjoyed doing a full cable replacement myself, alas, I have decided to write a guide about how to do it.

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The first thing we must do is to remove the battery.

There are two screws which lie underneath the battery.

At times, it is better to use a plastic card to separate everything that has been held together by plastic clips.

This is how we remove the button assembly.

Here, there are two screws that hold in the keyboard. Before  removing the button assembly, there is a small cable to deal with.

Next, remove the decorative rubber caps that are located on the screws in the screen assembly and place them in a safe place. I use screen bezel for this specific purpose.

Next, I remove the bezel. There are plastic clips located in the screen assembly that need to be dealt with. I push the plastic to the side a bit, which makes this process a bit easier. Use a plastic card if necessary.

Follow by unplugging all the cables that are plugged into the wireless card, and then free up the other three cables that are not being used.

I then unscrew all four hinge screws and unscrew the two screws that are underneath the laptop, which are marked D.

Now comes the tedious part which is the screen assembly. You can start by unscrewing the hinge screws or just the LCD screen screws. I always choose to unscrew the hinge screws. Usually, there is also some damaged plastic around the hinge screws, so that ends up needing to be repaired as well.

The last part is to remove the cables that are located in the corners.

I truly hope this guide will be useful for you. If you don’t have the energy to deal with countless wires, then I recommend you buying a mini or micro USB wireless card that works just as good as an original wireless card or better. But, do not install the software from a Micro or Nano wireless USB adapter as it will be buggy. It is enough to simply install the driver alone.

I can certainly say that the screen assembly area  will have hinge screws that are damaged. Fortunately, it is okay to have one or two screws that are not properly tightened. If this occurs, make sure you know which screws are damaged, so you know to open and close the lid carefully.


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