How To Replace the RAM (memory) on the Dell laptop Inspiron 1525

Now, I will show you how to replace or upgrade the memory on the Dell model Inspiron 1525 laptop. I will also show you what to do if the memory is not recognized, or if the laptop powers on but there is no screen visible.

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First of all you will need a small Philips screw driver. It can come with a precision screw driver kit.

Here is what holds the memory module in the place. It is a metal tab one on each side.

We need to spread tabs in a way as shown below. Sometimes the memory module pops out by itself when tabs moved to the sides but sometimes does not. But when moved to the side tabs usually stay there and allow the memory module easily to pop out.

Here is a pulled out memory module.

Here is the second memory module pooled out.

Here are the two memory modules from the laptop. Notice they are not from the same manufacturer and even not of the same speed. This is not recommended to have in the laptop. Because it makes the memory controller to work harder.

Again I will show the all process from the start.

And here we have incorrectly fitted memory module. Notice that the golden contacts are visible and there is a bigger gap next to the notch. If it is like this the laptop beeps or does not show screen.

Also if the laptop beeps then sometimes sliding trough the memory module contacts helps to make it work again.


Laptop RAM Difference

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