How To Temporarily Repair a Broken DC Jack on a Laptop

Here I will show you a simple way to repair a broken DC jack.

Tools needed:

•    Wire cutters
•    Soldering iron
•    Solder wire
•    Some flux
•    Multimeter
•    Two wires (an audio wire should do)

First of all I would check that we do not have a short on the motherboard. Set the multimeter to measure resistance. Now locate the plus pin on the DC jack. It usually looks like a thick wire that sticks out from the DC jack and goes to the motherboard.
The other pin that we need is a minus pin, which is usually the casing that covers the DC jack.

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Set the multimeter to ohms. The multimeter should show a large number. It can display 20 kilo ohm or more. If the reading is a very small number, say 7 or zero, then there is a short somewhere. The short can be in the DC jack itself or on the motherboard in one of the so-called MOSFET’s (transistors).

Now we will take two wires about 0.5m long and remove the insulation from their ends. You can do this with a soldering iron.

We will solder the first red wire that we have got here. It will be our “+” wire.

Now, it would be difficult to solder the “–“ wire to the DC jack, so it has been soldered to a pin of the VGA output. Because the DC Jack has high heat dissipation it is hard to solder a cable on it with a low-power soldering iron. This was a hard task even to solder the wire to the VGA port ground. The massive pins that you see are usually ground or “-” pins. This is what we need to solder our black or “-” wire.

You can attach wires to the plug by following these steps:

•    Remove insulation from the end of wire
•    The red wire will go to the center of the plug
•    The black wire will go to the outside of the metal cylinder
•    Make sure the un-insulated wires do not touch each other
•    Put on some electrical insulation to make it sturdy

In case the power adapter plug is also broken we will connect those wires directly to the power adapter wires.

Solder the red wire to the central wire from the power adaptor.

Solder the black wire to the outer wire from the power adapter.

What to watch for:

•    Un-insulated wires should not touch each other.
•    Use some flux to make the soldering easier.
•    Make sure the power adapter is the right voltage (in case the old one has exploded).
•    If the adapter light blinks, this means there is a short in the DC jack or the motherboard.
•    This is temporary solution and the DC jack needs to be replaced. If used for a long time the wires can snap. You can use some hot glue and glue wires to the motherboard.
•    You can just bend wires together and avoid using a soldering iron, but to connect the wires to the motherboard we need to use a soldering iron.

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