Refurbished Desktop Computer Health Check List And Troubleshooting

Download this check list as a pdf document

•    The hard drive was tested with GSMartControl, and there are no red lines shown in Attributes and Error Log tabs,

•    Memory modules are identical ( if 2 modules installed) and Windows reports the right memory amount,

•    If there are two memory modules, they are in slots of the same color,

•    The cooling fan is clean and working,

•    The processor heat sink is properly fitted, and there are no loose pins,

•    Fresh heat sink paste applied to the processor,

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•    Graphics chip does not overheat and has a fresh heat sink paste applied,

•    Chassis fan is working

•    A fresh copy of the Windows operating system installed,

•    All drivers installed, no drivers are missing in Devices section,

•    The computer passes 10 min OCCT processor and graphics card tests,

•    The computer makes no strange noises,

•    The hard drive is quiet and makes no clicking noise,

•    Computer boots up and shuts down properly,

•    BIOS has been reset to defaults,

•    All USB ports working,

•    LAN port is working,

•    USB-C port is working,

•    HDMI port is working,

•    VGA port is working

•    DVD/CD drive is working,

•    Audio output is working,

•    The microphone input is working,

•    Wireless is working,

•    Windows is activated,

•    Speakers working,

•    The microphone input is working,

•    SD card reader is working,

•    The hard drive has enough free space to accommodate Windows updates,

•    User can log in without a password, or there is a note with login details,

•    The computer passes the PassMark BurnIn Test with no errors,

•    Video card drivers installed,

•    Temperatures are checked with CPUZ HWMonitor, and there are none above 60 degree Celsius,

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