How to Reduce Computer Problems

The biggest danger for any desktop or laptop computer is it overheating. The elements most likely to become heated are the CPU, North Bridge, South Bridge, and the MOSFETS.

Usually, the CPU needs to be checked for its thermal paste state. It is recommended that the thermal paste be replaced every two years. 

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The motherboard needs to be checked visually for faulty capacitors or anything that looks suspicious on a consistent basis. If any component on the motherboard has visually changed in its appearance, then there is a high chance that something bad happened to it.

If diagnostic software is used, it will be able to find a fault before the operating system or the hardware has been damaged.

The software that is used by repair technicians is QA+Win32. In my experience, this software identifies that the fault is present but is not able to identify exactly what the fault is.

Reduce heat of the hard drive. If possible, the hard drive should be cooled by placing it near it a fan to make it active again. Avoid placing two hard drives on top of one another, if they are placed together, the top one is sure to overheat. Place each hard drive between a fan to drive hot air from the bottom hard drive away.

Make sure that both hard drives get good power by testing PSU +% and +12 V power rail with an oscilloscope. There should not be any spikes or fluctuations. If any spikes are discovered, replace the PSU immediately. Compare the oscillograms of the good power supply, and the suspected bad one. This will make it easier to identify the faulty power supply in the future.

Measure the resistance of the Vcore on the CPU. If the resistance is less than 3, then it is better to replace it as it will give problems in the future.

Test the RAM with a MemTest. Replace the memory if there are any bad cells found. Increase the amount of RAM that is installed, because a bigger amount releases the hard drive from a heavy load.

RAM failures are very rare compared to hard drive failures.

I have heard that it is better to keep a computer on all the time, but I cannot confirm this yet. From an electronics perspective, all the components on the motherboard have a limited life.

On the other hand, during the start-up phase, all electronic systems receive some type of stress. Usually, the systems that are cooler work much longer, compared to those that are hot. A higher temperature means a heavier load to the MOSFETS, CPU, and other elements.

To increase software reliability, we need to increase the system's safety from various dangers like viruses or hackers.

The main charge suppressor will noticeably decrease the chance of system damage from any power equipment that fills the power lines with spikes such as harsh weather conditions. It is very important to take note of this if you live near an industrial area.

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