82. Problems With Laptops Explained

Below, I will describe the most common problems that occur with laptops.

First of all, I would stress that the temperature of a laptop is the main factor that shortens laptop life. Just because a laptop works does not mean it has all the inside temperatures at a normal level.

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The heat level is important when dealing with laptops. We often place laptops on a bed where the cooling and ventilation can stop functioning altogether, especially on laptops, which have ventilation holes, and are cooler at the bottom. This includes almost all modern, manufactured laptops, with one exception, the MacBook. MacBooks have a very different ventilation and cooling design system as opposed to other laptops out there.

In addition, with modern laptop cooling systems, there is also another factor involved which is a dusty environment. This is complicated when it comes to modern laptops that have a cooling system that sucks the air from underneath the laptop. In this case, Apple MacBooks have an advantage. When MacBooks get dusty, it is in the USB ports, the audio ports, and all the ports that are on the side of the computer, which is not critical. We can see this gathering of dust when we open a MacBook laptop. There is nothing wrong with the dust that covers the communication ports, it is just an unusual occurrence.
Drops and other extreme inertia changes contribute to hard disk damage. As a confirmation, we can see that on some hard drives, there is registered head retraction events that are registered by an accelerometer.

This is usually a big number and largely depends on who is the owner of the laptop. If the owner is a child of course, then this number would be much bigger. In addition, due to the CRC, the number can be bigger. In fact, a laptop falling is the worst thing that can happen to any laptop. A laptop falling might be more damaging than a water spill on the keyboard. Although, now some laptop models are immune to spills on their keyboards.
Faulty power adaptors are another danger that can damage laptops and the information on them. What is extremely sensitive to power fluctuations is the hard drive. Power fluctuations can cause damage to the hard drive electronics and can also cause damage to the disk surface itself. These kinds of parasitic power surges or fluctuations can cause a wide array of damage to electronics. For example, parasitic power surges can change written information on the flash memory which will then need to be re-flashed.

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