PC Won’t Produce Any Sound When Watching Movie or Listening to Music

There is this problem I faced at one point – my laptop all of a sudden stopped producing any sound as I watching my favorite Black Panther movie. I tried playing several other videos and music but the problem persisted. In this article, I will show you how I eventually resolved the issue. For starters, do not always assume that any sound related problem on your computer is, as a result, a major software lapse. At times it may be due to a simple act such as mistakenly muting the speakers. Thus before doing anything major, the solution to your sound problems could be as simple as un-muting a speaker that was muted unknowingly.

Fixing No Sound on PC Error

When your PC goes silent all of a sudden, the first cause of action should always be to reboot your computer.
Simply press the Windows key then click on the power button to reveal three options “Shut down”; “Restart”; “Sleep.” Select the ‘restart’ option to reboot your personal computer. During reboot, there is a possibility the computer may pick up some anomalies in the system, including sound problems, and fix them.
When this simple fix fails to work, you try another simple option before we delve into the bigger part. Confirm that the internal speakers are still working. You can do this by plugging a headphone jack into the audio port and test. Play any clip with sound. If you get sound in the headphones, be sure that your speakers are intact and you can confidently proceed with other troubleshooting options.

Update sound card drivers

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Sometimes your PC fails to produce sound as a result of driver related issues. If your PC operating system does communicate properly with the sound card, then sound may fail to work completely. That commonly happens after a major Windows update while the drivers remain outdated. In the long run, you end up with a laptop whose operating system is up to date but this latest OS is not compatible with the sound card driver. To be on the safer side, you will also have to update the sound card drivers.

Step 1: Hit the Windows key on the keyboard and search for Device Manager. You can also get this by pressing Windows Key + X then locating Device Manager from the list of items that pop up.

Step 2: While inside Device Manager, you will realize that a range of icons is listed. Each of these icons can be expanded by double-clicking on it. None of these is of interest to you for the current problem. What you need to identify is the icon labeled “Sound, video and game controllers” as shown in the image below.

Step 3: double-click on this sound card to open it. This operation opens another range of options including General; Driver; Details; and Events tabs. Open the Driver tab then locate ‘Update Driver’ button and click it. Windows automatically begins to search for any available driver updates and downloads them. Thus, it is advisable to perform these operations while connected to the internet.

Step 4: Upon successful driver update, click ‘Ok’ then restart your PC. After the restart, confirm that your sound issue on PC has been fixed.

Important Considerations

It is not always a guarantee that Windows will be able to get the right sound card drivers on its own. If the search for drivers fails to work for you, you may want to personally visit your sound card manufacturer’s website and download the relevant updates.
With that done, you can then get to the Device Manager and locate the sound card driver as we did in the above steps. Right-click on it then select the Uninstall option. Most people panic when they are told to do so, you shouldn’t. Simply restart your computer. During the restart, Windows will try to reinstall the driver. Give it the permission if asked and your sound issue may be settled by now.

Other Options Worth Considering

Even though the above steps worked for me, it is not a guarantee that they will work for you. Thus, it’s only fair that I share a couple of other things that you can put in mind as you progress with solving your PC sound-related problem.

Set the Right Audio Device as Your PC’s Default

Sometimes you may have more than one playback device installed on your computer. If the wrong device is selected as your default, this may be the reason you cannot get sound via your speakers. To deal with this setback:

•    Hit the Windows key then search for ‘Sound’

•    A new box opens with 4 tabs named Playback, Recording, Sounds and Communications

•    Choose the Playback tab to reveal the different audio devices available. These audio devices take the shape of a speaker and have their names clearly labeled.

•    The default device is indicated by the green tick mark with the name Default Device next to it

•    If you realize the wrong device has been chosen, simply select the correct device then click the ‘Apply’ button

•    This will change the default device. To effectively implement these changes, restart the PC and check whether the problem has been fixed.

If the above steps solutions fail to work, do not spare because you still have an option for consideration. However, the PC audio problem for most people is normally fixed by this juncture. Rarely do they have to move this far.

Using the In-built Troubleshooter

Windows 10/8 PC’s have a built-in audio troubleshooter to help people who can’t seem to get sound on PC.

To open the troubleshooter, press windows key then search for ‘control panel’. Choose the relevant result.

Locate ‘Hardware and Sound’ then click on ‘Troubleshoot audio recording.’ The troubleshooter is launched from where your problem may be detected.

Note: Even though the directions for launching the troubleshooter have been given with Windows 10/8 in mind, the steps are similar for Windows 7.
Hopefully, your sound problems on PC will have been fixed as you come towards the end of this post.


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