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You have probably heard of these stories of the old folks who tell about the mystery of the televisions and the computers, much as the people who first saw the mirror for the first time and it can still be seen in small children as the try to identify the person on the other side of the mirror. The computers and many technologies have come with their mysteries and their myths which have been solved in this millennial generation.

Now as we sit to listen to the old stories given to us we cannot help it but to laugh out loud on the various misconceptions that people had in the early days. In all this one of the most common stories you might have heard was the mouse story which really confused most folks even those of this millennial generation by the fact that they could not figure why there would be a mouse in such a complicated technology.

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That being said it is important to note that the mouse is a very important tool for use in the computer as it makes the task of highlighting and selection easy for the user as they navigate through the computer during task selection and monitor management. It is one of the most vital hardware that the invention of the computer came with. Most task would be tedious if the mouse was not there, or maybe a better way of using the mouse would be found somewhere else. The simple fact that the muse is used for these purposes cannot be ignored.

The mouse device on the computer has evolved unlike the counterparts in the animal kingdom and most of the functionalities have been simplified greatly due to the technological advances and the consumer tastes that have led to innovation. Touch screens and virtual computing have come as a result of needing more comfort during selection of tasks amongst other technological requirements and innovation needs. This evolution however has not completely eradicated the need for the physical mouse which has an aesthetic feel as one is gaming or routinely using the computer. This has made the mouse a persistent hardware over the years though there is a possibility of its extinction in the coming technological future.

The mouse can have issues too and one of the most common issues with the mouse is the non-sensitivity of the mouse as one tries to move it and a no response is given to the monitor. As a consultant on the computer issues, one of the major concerns that regard mouse is this and records show that I receive clients and 80% of these clients have issues with their mouse not responding to action on the monitor. These issues are related to the following and the solutions will be provided.

The first cause of non-sensitivity of the mouse is that the USB connections might be loose and this may hinder the conduct of electrical pulses that are produced to the monitor. this is common to most users as the USB cable must be well inserted to the port in the computer. For such an issue the user may try to unplug the mouse and plugging it again to check if the mouse will respond to the various actions required. If this doesn’t work the user can try plugging it into a different USB port and check. Care must be observed as most of the USB ports are not aligned in the same way so one must check to avoid damage on the ports as well as the USB cable heads.

The second reason as to why the mouse may be unresponsive will be the damage to the switch box. A switch box will allow the user to have more connections to the computer if the computer cannot hold all these connections. Switch boxes are available for internet use, modem portage and USB functions and the benefit of using the switch boxes is that the computer ports wont easily get damaged and the user can have multiple connections at the same time using one port. The switch box can have issues with its hardware that cause the malfunctions on the computer hardware thus the user can always unplug the mouse from the switch box and plug it in to the computer directly to check if the connection will work.

If the computer does not respond to these changes made on the locations of porting the unplugging of other USB devices from the computer will help to identify the USB ports that are causing the malfunction in the computer as a whole. This will reduce the load on the computer’s system as most of the USB functions will be removed and the computer may deal with its issues in a simpler and a better way to respond to the commands from the mouse. The other solution if this fails will be to restart the computer once the USB devices except the mouse have been removed from the computer.

If the issues persist the mouse can be plugged in to another computer to check if the drivers are a problem with the type of mouse that is being used. This may pin point the deficiency much faster and help the user to update the drivers in the computer. The user may also uninstall the mouse from the computer and plug it in to check if it will be installed correctly by the computer once more. These activities are normally sufficient in the check of the mouse’s capacity to operate. The last resort will be to try another mouse on your computer which will show the problem was actually in the mouse input device that made the use of the mouse function trouble. This will solve the issue at last.

Most people are using the wireless mouse devices and these are normally laden with the challenge of power source or the router device that sends its signals to the computer. The replacement of the power source with an efficient one will solve the problem that the user faces. The router can be unplugged and plugged once more to redefine the connections.

To all that have such issues, the above will help have a fantastic technological day.


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