How To Make More Storage Space On Your Laptop

What it is all about

I will use my laptop as an example. Here is an Asus E403SA, which has 32GB storage MMC - in  other words a flash drive.

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I bought this laptop for my office work. However, it has a small problem. Some time ago when Windows 10 was updating I got a message saying that there is not enough space on the hard drive to finish the updates. Not a big problem, as I managed to delete some files and transferred some files to an external hard drive. It was good for some time. Then, I again got a message about there not being enough storage space to perform updates.

After this I decided to install Windows on bigger storage space using a mSATA card of 64GB. And again, a small problem is that this laptop does not accept mSATA cards, though there is a connection for it that is mini PCI and there is a wireless card connected to it. Regardless, it will not work with a mSATA card.

Here is the solution that will work

We will use a nano flash drive that is 32GB. I bought a SanDisk Flash Drive model Ultra Fit.

I do not recommend buying this particular model as it tends to overheat. What we will do is, after we have it connected, we will make a directory and transfer documents and other files there.
I am also using Google Drive on my computer and highly recommend it. Here is how to use it in this setup. Install Google Drive. Click on Google Drive icon on the right corner. Click “Quit Google Drive”.

Now move the Google Drive directory that is in My Documents folder to the flash drive. This will likely be drive D. Start again the Google Drive. It will ask where the folder is located. Navigate to the folder in the D drive.

Now we will direct all downloads from web browsers to the flash drive.

In Firefox open Settings, Options, under “Save Files to” type “D:\Downloads”, close Settings.

In Google Chrome open Settings, Advanced Settings, Downloads, click Change Location and navigate to the folder Downloads in D drive.

In Microsoft Edge click Settings, Advanced Settings, under Downloads click Change and navigate to the new Downloads folder.

In Opera click Opera, Settings, under Download location click Change, navigate to the new download folder.

I also created a new folder in Google Drive named Docs for all my documents.


The setup with a new flash drive and Download folder moved to the new drive and also Google Drive in a new drive makes a perfect setup for work. It also adds more safety to the files as data is now stored both in the Google Drive cloud and on the computer.
It is easy to upgrade this setup as all you need to do is transfer files to the new flash drive.

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