How To Make A Hard Drive Partition

Usually, a partition is never created separately except when there is a special need for it. For example, if an operating system needs a reinstallation, then the partition is created automatically by the OS setup. Of course, the first step is to delete the previous partition for the Windows operating system, and then create a new partition. It must be mentioned that deleting and creating a new partition does not always mean the same as data destruction. Even after a Windows installation, some files are able to be retrieved. This is not a complicated process, it just needs special software. If the hard disk was blanked before making a new partition, then the data will be lost forever.

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As said before, the partitions are usually created during the OS installation. All operating systems can delete or create partitions. 

On Windows, if a partition on an external hard drive is needed, begin by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management and then select Disk Management.

There will be a display with separate hard disks on it, each line represents a separate hard drive. Each line will have at least one disk letter if there is a partition already created on the disk.

To create a partition, right click on that specific line and then choose format. This is everything that can be done to make or to delete a partition on a hard drive if it is connected as an external hard drive.

The partition making process on Mac computers is a little bit different. The basics are the same on both Mac computers and PC's, but the user interface is different. There are also a few ways to make a partition on a hard drive. A Mac OS X setup is capable to make or to delete partitions.

Mac OS X has the ability to make or to delete partitions on internal and external hard drives. Although, as said before, a partition creation is needed only during a setup installation and a partition deletion. To make two partitions on the same drive, there is more of a risk to losing important data. The Mac OS X can’t create a NTFS partition, but it can create FAT32 partitions which are useful when formatting USB sticks.

There is also a tool used for Linux.

As said before, partitioning does not completely wipe the data clean. All the files that are in place on a disk will not be overwritten and will survive. It's great to use programs such as FileScavenger to recover a deleted partition. Also, if one program cannot recover files or is not able to see files, then another program will be able to. It is worth it to try and use at least three different data recovery programs if the partition is deleted.

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