89. Mac Computer Crash Explained

As with desktop computers and laptops, Mac computers also crash as well. There are a few main factors that influence these crashes. The first factor is due to the temperature, especially on Mac laptops. For some reason, Mac laptops are designed in the way that they are quiet but they also get really hot. The reason that Mac laptops probably get hot is because the manufacturers wanted them to be very quiet. There is even specific software developed to control laptop fans, and if correctly installed, the specific software increases Fan RPMs. The main software is called Fan Control. All you need to do is install it and the default settings will work very well. With the software, the computer will produce more noise but will be warm. With the heat, there is a difficult situation because  some Mac laptops have a nVidia graphics card with a package detect which will most likely fail because of temperature changes. Apple will usually offer up to a 4 year extended warranty for free.

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Here are some examples of crashed MacBook Pros.

The other reason why Macs crash is because of a faulty hard dive. Due to faulty hard drives there can be many symptoms such as the keyboard not working correctly and USB ports that do not work.  To retrieve S.M.A.R.T on Mac computers, you need to have smart reporter or similar software installed.

How the user interface looks is shown below. It has everything needed to diagnose hard drives not only Mac ones but all the hard drives in the market.

To crash a computer there should be a serious problem with it. For example it can crash if the drivers not working properly. We had a wireless dongle based on Realtec chip that as occasionally giving kernel panic.
I have never seen that hard drive giving kernel panic. In fact and Macs and PCs seems to have immunity and protecting kernel. If kernel panics then is something to do with drivers or the hardware that is other than data storage.
I personally seen just a few Mac crashes. Would be good to have more data about why Mac crashes and what it displays when crashed.
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Also please write any Mac crashes you have as on desktops and laptops.

I would like to describe how I crashed MacBook Pro to find out is it working or what is the case of crash. This was a MacBook Pro that was crashing seems to be randomly but I suspected this is something to do with temperature. That time it was used for graphics design work and the girl was getting frustrated with loosing occasionally her work.
Then what I did was installed Windows on a separate partition with Bootcamp and put the system to a stress test with OCCT. What happened later you see in image below.

This was fortunate enough  turned out that laptop has extended warranty also. This is a mystery again about the warranty because seems Apple extending warranties for some reason and on latest Mac laptops with nVidia.

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