Fixing a Laptop That Won’t Turn On

What can be more annoying than to wake up early in the morning, hit the power button of your laptop and bum, it refuses to turn on! Well, this happened to me at one time on my Acer Laptop and it was not only frightening but also irritating. The thought of that report which I was to print for submission kept of nagging my mind and I can assure you it wasn’t good at all. Luckily, I got myself all composed and got on a mission to fix this PC that won’t turn on.

Even though I would have easily taken my laptop to a technician for fixing, I wanted to do it myself so that I can learn every step of the way. I will share with you a couple of techniques I applied until my laptop turned on without losing any single file.

For starters, it is important to understand that there are a couple of things that can stop a laptop from turning on. Unfortunately, you will not be able to pinpoint this thing because the only symptom you can see is ‘nothing works.’ As such, implementing several solutions without giving up is crucial to getting over your ordeal.

Step 1: Refrain from panicking

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The first mistake I did when my laptop wouldn’t turn on was that I panicked. Due to my panicking, my state of mind got all jangled up and could not think straightforward until the time I got composed. The problem with panic is that it paralyzes your ability to even implement the slightest of any solution. That is why I wouldn’t like you to make the same mistake I started by so that you can have a smooth progression.

To help you relax, walk away from the computer for some few minutes once you realize that it won’t turn on. You could stroll in the yard or take a quick cup of coffee before embarking on the actual problem-solving part. Do not be worried that your files may have gone missing. It is true that most computer problems emanate from hardware issues but that does not mean it is your hard drive (the part which stores files) that has spoilt.
In simple terms, your videos, music, documents and emails are probably safe. It’s only that the computer won’t turn on for you to have access.

Step 2: Confirm the power supply

Sometimes a computer might refuse to turn on just because its power is drained out. Even for a laptop that you thought it had power when you left it on sleep mode, there is a possibility that a program turned the laptop on and drained all that power while you were away (VLC is known for this). Thus, using your laptop without connecting it to power will definitely mean that it will not turn on.

To be sure there are no power issues causing the laptop won’t turn on the problem, double-check the charger to be sure that it is passing power just as it should. If it’s a new laptop or charger, verify that the two (charger and laptop) are compatible, especially from the same manufacturer.

In case you have external connections to your laptop such as projected to your smart TV, try disconnecting them just to be sure that you are not blocking it from booting into Windows. If you notice that upon hitting the power button, the fan or hard disk produces some whirring but nothing happens on the screen, you may want to go to a dark room then perform the next action. While in the darkroom, confirm that the screen does not have a very faint image. You see, it is easy to assume that the laptop is not booting while in a real sense the screen is the one that is ruined.

When you see a faint image, maybe your laptop’s logo, then chances are the inverter has failed. This is a component in your laptop which changes direct current from the battery or wall socket to alternating current that the screen needs. You can replace the inverter yourself if you have a screwdriver. Just be sure to get the correct type of inverter for your laptop.

In my case, after going to the dark room and turning on my laptop, I realized there was no Windows logo nor any Acer logo. That was great relieving for me because it meant the inverter was intact and I could move on to the next step.

Step 3: Remove USB drives

Having made sure that my laptop was getting power as it should, I noticed that I had a USB drive inserted in one of my laptop’s port. This is the drive from which I had been watching the movie Black Panther all night long before leaving it inserted and getting some sleep. Even though I don’t know the connection between a USB drive inserted in port and laptop refusing to turn on, I heard that the drive can sometimes be an impediment. So I made sure that the USB drive was removed from the port before trying to power it on. Even though this solution did not work for me, it is worth a try because it has at one time worked for my friend.

Step 4: Remove all power connections and long-press power button

This is what got me out of my ordeal. What I did is that I removed my laptop’s battery, disconnected it from any power supply and continuously pressed the power button for 2 minutes. Even though I had been advised to press the power button for just 30 seconds, I thought it wise to press for a longer time. Upon returning the battery and powering on my laptop, I couldn’t believe my eyes when it turned on!

It turns out that after using your laptop for so long, a lot of power build-up takes place in it which in turn hinders the ability to turn on. Thus, pressing the power button drains this buildup so that you can enjoy using the laptop once again.

Just as I told you in the beginning, all my files were intact.


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