What Message Does Your Laptop Show?

Below is a list of messages with explanations.

System CMOS Checksum Bad - Default Used. This happens when a small battery in the laptop drains. Yes, there are two batteries in the laptop. The main one, which is the big one, can be seen on the laptop. Sometimes it is hidden in the modern laptop. The second one is similar to a watch battery but a little bigger. Even today this small battery is sometimes hidden in a microchip so you will not see it even if you open the laptop. This is not a serious problem, and you can continue to use your laptop. What it most likely affects is data and time settings.

USB Device Overcurrent Status Detected. System Will Shut Down In 15 Seconds. This message means that there is a device connected to the USB port and that it needs more power than the laptop can provide through this USB port. Sometimes this can be a faulty device that has a short inside.

CMOS Settings Wrong. CMOS Date/Time Not Set. Press F1 To Run Setup. This type of warning is again related to the depleted battery that I have mentioned above. Which message pops up actually depends on the laptop model. Sometimes it will be the message above and other times it will be this message. Nothing serious has happened with your computer. You can load the operating system and set the date and time there. Usually this happens when the laptop is left without a charge for a long period of time.

SMART Capable But Command Failed. SMART is a system in a hard drive that checks its health. Usually the computer checks this first before using the hard drive and if something is wrong it will report this during the boot. This particular message can indicate that something went wrong with the hard drive’s electronics.

SMART Command Failed. This can indicate two things. First, the hard drive has no capability to check itself and does not provide SMART data. This is very unusual as all modern and respected manufacturers include this system in the hard drive. Second, the hard drive’s electronics have failed and it can't check or report its health anymore.

SMART Status Bad. Backup And Replace. This is a very important message. There is no other way but to back up the data and replace the hard drive. I have seen this message and it pops up when the hard drive is in really bad shape. Please back up your data and take your laptop in for a repair.

SMART Capable And Status Bad. This message says the same as the one above. You need to back up your data as soon as possible.

Boot Failure. This message appears when the laptop does not have a boot-able disk. This can happen for many reasons. It can be even a disconnected hard drive from the motherboard inside the laptop. It can also be because the hard drive is no longer working and the laptop does not have any other source to boot from. I recommend checking all the connections and also checking whether the hard drive spins. When it spins a specific noise can be heard.

CMOS Battery Low. This is the same sort of message as System SMOS Checksum Bad. This message just says it straight that the battery that is in the laptop has depleted and needs to be replaced. This sort of warning is more common on older laptops.

CMOS Settings Wrong - Not The Same As Previous. This message is again related to the small battery that is inside the laptop. It simply says that the information that should be in the memory has been lost because of a depleted battery. This is nothing serious, so you can continue to work on the laptop. The data and time settings will most likely be wrong.

CMOS Data And Time Not Set. This is again related to a small battery that is in the laptop. It says that because of depleted battery data and time settings are lost. In this case the laptop will use default settings with a date set when the laptop has been manufactured.
Boot Sector Write! This can be a serious warning. When something tries to write to a boot sector it looks very suspicious. Usually viruses try to write malicious code to a boot sector to take over the laptop.

Virus! Continue (Y/N). This is a very serious warning. As you can see, the laptop tells you in the beginning even before the operating system starts that there is a virus inside. Please switch it off and take it in for a repair.

DMA Error. This is a hardware related warning. Usually this is a serious problem and you will most likely need to take this laptop for a repair. It can be related to a hard drive.

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