Replacing Charger On A Laptop

Please replace the charger with a known good one. If you do not have a good charger please skip this step. Chances are that the charger is still good.

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How To Identify What Kind Of Charger Your Laptop Needs

There are three types of laptop chargers out there:

  • Universal chargers
  • For older laptops - 15 V
  • For newer laptops - 19 V

Universal chargers, like the Kensington one that I have here, usually have many adapters to fit different laptops. 

They may also have a voltage switch that changes the output voltage to 15 or 19 Volts. What voltage is needed is written underneath the laptop on a specification label.

 For older laptops 15 Volts are needed. Usually those laptops have a bigger DC Jack, which means they need a bigger power plug. Because of this there is only a small chance of mixing things up and connecting a 19 Volt adapter. 

 For newer laptops we need to have a 19 Volts power adapter. For example, this charger is for a Dell laptop and has 19 V voltage. 

 The interesting thing with Dell laptops is that they will not accept chargers from other brands.

 Some laptops, like those with 17-inch screens, need more current than others. Usually those laptops have markings on the label stating 3.9 A or 4 A. Adapters for them should also have a marking that says a 3.9 A to 4 A current is provided.

 So how can you identify good laptop chargers? They are the branded ones and usually have labels with a lot of writing on. Of course, they will also have a logo like Acer, Dell, HP etc.

 Important note: Usually every laptop manufacturer has its own charger plug type and their laptops do not accept other brands’ chargers. Dell is special here, as it makes charger plugs with three wires and their laptops can identify what charger is connected; therefore, if the charger is not made by Dell, it most likely will not work. 

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