Laptop Keyboard. Different Types. How It works

The keyboard changed little from its invention by Christopher Latham Sholes. This has been adopted by IBM for its desktop computers.

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The laptop keyboard is like a small version of a desktop computer keyboard. Everything is small and packed in a small space.

Basically each key consists of a top part where the letter is printed, some plastic bits that hold the key in the place and a rubber piece with metal contact pair.

The rubber has inside a conductive material which shortens the contacts when we press the key.

Each laptop keyboard has a ribbon cable used to send the data (what key is pressed) to the logic board.

Interestingly, most liquid spillages on laptop damage just the keyboard. The laptop then does not start because the keyboard has a short circuit and prevents the laptop from powering on. This is an easy fix; you need to replace the keyboard and make sure there is no liquid left inside the laptop.

Is it easy to replace the keyboard on a laptop

On most Windows laptops the keyboard is easy to replace. You just need to have a Philips screw driver. For example, here is how to replace the keyboard on Dell laptop.

First, you must take out the battery.

Then unscrew a few screws that are there.

Remove the top plastic.

Usually, a ribbon cable runs from that plastic. Disconnect it to make sure you do not break it.

The keyboard is usually fitted with two or three screws.

Disconnect the cable.

You can use a piece of plastic to open the clip.

When you look for a replacement keyboard, remember the model number printed on the label.

When fitting the keyboard push the ribbon cable inside the connector

and secure it with the clip.

Fit the ribbon cable correctly. Otherwise, the keyboard would simply not work.

Apple laptop keyboards are not that easy to replace

In short, you would need a special screwdriver. This is because Apple keeps changing screw types every time a new model comes out. Then you would need to take out the bottom lid, take out the battery, take out the logic board, take out the keyboard backlight assembly without damaging it and unscrew about 50 small tiny screws that keyboard is fitted. Then you must place the new keyboard and screw in those tiny screws. If you loosen one screw, the keyboard will not stay flat, and key pressing will feel clunky.

That’s about it with MacBook keyboard replacement, and I doubt this was easy.

Fixing laptop keyboard keys

On Windows laptops, keyboard keys are easy to fix.

The key top is easy to remove you must find the side where it is easiest to pull it off.

What holds the key in place is a small plastic hinge assembly.

It can be removed using a small screwdriver as a wedge.

Spillage resistive keyboards

Yes, laptops are resistive to spills. They are not exactly resistive but let the liquid go through without damaging the electronics. Models like ThinkPad T60, T440, T480, P51 can do that. The models X240 and later have sealed keyboard, so you need to turn the laptop upside down after spill and shake it.


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