Review Of HP 2100 Series Printer

I highly recommend this printer and I think it deserves a review on this site.

This printer is an all-in-one series for home use. It can print, copy, and scan too.

How does it print?

It prints in very good quality, with the original inks and third-party cartridges.  If we use third-party cartridges, it sometimes prints barcodes that the post office is unable to scan later. So, in this case, set it to print the barcode in the highest quality possible and the scanner will be able to scan it.

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The ink cartridges are probably the most expensive ones because the printing head is integrated into the cartridge.

This has advantages, for instance, if the head gets clogged, you won’t lose the printer and will just have to replace the head. The disadvantage is that they cost a lot. For example, for the price of black and color inks for the HP printer, I could buy a bag of 20 cartridges for the Canon 7200 series printer.

It has a cancel button and I very much like it. If you accidentally sent to print a page that will consume a lot of ink, you can cancel it immediately and not fight with the Windows printing spooler.

It can print even if the color cartridge has run out. You can simply take out the color cartridge and the light will show that the cartridge is missing but the printer will still print. This is a good way to save color ink as even if it prints in black, it still uses some color ink. Also, you can print in black when the black ink is empty. Just take the black ink out and specify in the settings that you print in color and it will mix colors to print in black. My other printer, a Canon 7200, can’t do that.

How does it scan?

It scans in very good quality, with fast speed, and saves files in a jpeg format. Here is the scanning interface for everyday scanning.

It can also go to a crazy 1200 dpi that will produce crazy resolution and a huge file.

It can also scan to pdf, png, bmp, and tiff formats.

Overall it is a very good scanner, it’s just that the user interface is somewhat hard to understand at first.

How does it copy?

It does copying jobs pretty well. On the top, it has a button for black copying and a separate button for color copying.

There is no setting to set the copying quality, but I suspect it copies using 300dpi or even 400dpi as the copy turns out very similar to the original.


I highly recommend this printer, as it has everything a home user needs. To pay a bit more for ink is worth it, as I have never had any problems with it. Also, you can refill those inks yourself without risking damage to your printer.


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