How To Replace The Keyboard On A Dell Inspiron 1525

It is easy to replace the keyboard on a Dell 1525 laptop. You will need the keyboard, a Philips screw driver and a plastic card, i.e. a credit card to separate plastic parts.

First of all we will take the battery out. This is an important step so please do not skip it.

Unscrew the couple of screws that are underneath the battery.

Now we will remove the plastic part that accommodates the power button and media buttons. If it is hard to separate look at the back where there are hinges.

I sometimes use a credit card. If there is nothing mentioned available I use a pen cap.

Now we will need a screwdriver to unscrew a couple of screws.

The keyboard is attached to the laptop with a ribbon cable.

There will be a latch that needs to be opened. I open it with the same plastic tool.

After we open the latch we need to pull the ribbon cable a little. It should disconnect very easily. If we had to pull the cable this means the latch is not open.

Here we have it. We have removed the keyboard and are ready for a new one.

In case you broke the latch. This can also be fixed. You will need just the right thickness piece of plastic or paper and scissors.

Here is how to fix it. Put the cable in the place. Cut the piece of paper to the right size for it to go underneath the small metal tooth.

You will need to apply some pressure to make the paper slide between the tooth and the ribbon cable. This is important because this hack will make the ribbon cable connect with the logic board. If the plastic slides in too easily this means there will be no connection and a thicker plastic must be used.

Put some insulation on the top.

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