How To Recover Data From An Asus Laptop

The Problem

There is a good chance of retrieving the data if the laptop hardware is still functioning and there are no faults, or if the storage is only damaged to the level that it can’t boot to the operating system. 

The only requirement is that the laptop should still recognize the storage disk that it has. Why is it this complicated, and why can’t we just take out the hard drive and connect it to another computer? Well, this laptop does not have a separate device, a so-called hard drive. The drive that is in there is a flash drive and it is soldered onto the logic board.

For this purpose I will use a Ubuntu bootable CD. It can be downloaded from the Internet or you can buy one from eBay. 

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What We Will Need

We will need an external DVD drive and a cable to connect it to the laptop. I will not use a flash disk to boot the laptop here because it’s a bit difficult to make bootable flash disks and sometimes laptops do not support booting from them. 

How to Do it

Here is how to do it. First of all you need to go to your laptop’s booting settings. It is in the BIOS which we will access by pressing the Escape key on the keyboard a few times just after we press the power button.

It will show a boot menu like this. 

The writing: “UEFI: TSSTcorpCDVDW SE-208AS TSOO” is for the DVD drive. If there is no DVD drive option we should go to the BIOS and change settings there.

Usually that option is about a secure boot or something similar. We need to disable it to allow the laptop to start from a DVD drive. 

When we boot the laptop from the Ubuntu CD we will see the first screen like this.

This is the right option to choose so we need to press the Enter key.

This is the screen that we will see. Now, at the left corner there is an icon with a drawer. This is the program that we will be using. It will open a window like this.

All this is very similar to the Windows operating systems. 

Now, we need to open another window and position it on the right side. 

Now we will transfer files between those windows.

On the right side is my flash disk window. This is where all needed files will go. 

And this is mostly all you need to do.

A small tip: please connect the flash drive before you boot to Ubuntu as if not, it will not detect it.


This laptop has a soldered-in Hard Disk (MMC Flash Drive), so we can’t take it out. Here we are using a bootable Ubuntu bootable CD to get the data back. 

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