How to Make Your Desktop Computer Low EMF

You probably have a desktop computer at home. And it is probably a gaming computer.
There is no easy way to make the desktop computer low EMF. I experimented with different setups and discovered a way to make it super low EMF. This method will surprise you.

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How to do it

So, to make desktop low EMF, you need to place in another room. There is no other way. It is unnecessary to place it outside of the house and isolate it with a metal shield as I have seen others do. This should be in an extreme case when you use a computer every day for 12 hours, and now you can’t even handle a mobile phone call. If this happens, take a break from any computers for one month, and you will see positive results.

To make at least one day break each week from computers is as important as eating. If not, I think you can develop a sort of chronical sensitivity to any electromagnetic field. So, take your breaks.

I must clarify here that to make the monitor low EMF as important as the computer. After a few years of research, I have discovered that small monitors emit less EMF. Well, this should be obvious. I am using now 19-inch desktop monitor and 14-inch laptop and EMF from those is minimal. The 17-inch desktop monitor is even better, but ironically, it’s hard to find them today.

The setup is simple. We will need a USB cable extension, HDMI cable, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse (you can use a wired one if you prefer) and mains filter.

Well, the USB and HDMI cables it is obvious what we would do. Though, I bought the thickest shielded HDMI cable I could get.

The mains filter should have this device inside, which is called an EMI filter (shown below). So, it’s not a surge protector, but it is EMI filter. Surge protectors have only some sort of capacitors inside, but this filter has more elements like inductors, capacitors, etc.

Why we should do this crazy setup with a mains filter? Well, modern computers have inside switching power supplies that operate in 100kHz range depending on the model. Not only do they put all harmonics out through the power lines but also pollute the mains 220V line. And I suspect those noisy signals emit from the house wiring and hit our bodies.

So, something like Tacima 6 Way Mains Conditioner and Radio Frequency Interference Filter  (Mains Conditioning Filter) would probably do the job.

Do monitor power supplies also pollute?

Yes, they pollute because they are also switching power supplies. I would leave that power supply in the other room and run an extension to the monitor.

I have seen setups where the monitor power supply is replaced by a simple power supply with a transformer. This is probably the best setup. However, remember that in the monitor, there is  at least one switching step-down converter (buck converter) which converts 19V to 5V and 3.3 V. So really, we can’t completely avoid the noise that switching power supplies have. 

Don’t forget to take breaks and have at least one day a week without a computer. This will help as much as having the computer or monitor converted to low EMF.

Mouse, keyboard and USB hubs

I think from the mouse and keyboard there is not that much EMF radiation. I am using a wireless keyboard and wired keyboard and feel no difference. Also, I use a wireless mouse because it’s convenient.

It’s different with the USB hub as mine is powered with a small switching power supply. It puts out far less EMF compared to a computer, and if you want to be extra safe, then again you can use a simple power supply with a transformer inside.

Where to get “safe” low EMF power supplies

You can get one from eBay or Amazon. Though most power supplies today are switching type, and it’s usually written in the specification.

Usually, these safe power supplies are heavier and bigger. Ask for information before purchasing.

I recommend buying one with a metal case as this prevents most of the EMF that is still there from escaping.

Those cables in the image below run to another room.

And here is my computer setup.

And here is the computer itself. It can be in a storage room, a small room, space below stairs, etc.

This setup works well. We have apartment walls that dampen even mobile phone signals – I need to place my phone next to the windows to use mobile internet.

Wooden walls probably would work too, but in every case, the computer would be far away from you, so the EMF will be at a minimal level next to you. All radio waves and I think electromagnetic field gets weaker quickly if we increase the distance from the source.

I also have a guide on how to find low EMF laptop here.

I saw crazy setups where computers are put outside in an isolated space using a projector instead of a monitor. What’s wrong with this is that the projector has LED lamp and it will make your eyes tired quickly.
Keep your wireless router also in another room. It emits a lot of EMF. Wireless card, USB wireless dongles, all the WiFi equipment is a source of EMF – keep them as far away as possible.


I haven’t done extensive research with EMF detectors, but I am like an EMF detector myself. If I carry a mobile phone in my pocket, the side of my body will become painful, will be a pain in the chest, pain near the stomach, in ribs, etc; from a desktop computer I usually have a foggy brain.

This method described above works well, you must eliminate other EMF sources like your mobile phone (keep it in a bag and not in a pocket), wireless routers, probably smart meters.

And you must have at least one day per week free from all the electronics to be sure you will not develop an allergy to it. Well, with allergies, people can’t even use a keyboard which is very sad.

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