How to Fix USB 3.0 Hub Allreli
(or any other USB hub similar to this one)

I jumped into the USB 3.0 world and decided to upgrade my USB hub. After some search, I got one from Amazon with a strange name Allreli. Well, as this is not a well-known brand but I have many less known brand devices that work just ok.

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So, after using it for some time it started to give me troubles, i.e. the desktop keyboard would randomly disconnect and then would connect again, windows would show that wireless adapter had malfunctioned, it would not charge my phone, etc., etc. This would happen seems random without me touching it or doing anything.

One day I thought enough is enough and I will fix this. I used a small alan key to open both sides of the enclosure.

Everything looked fine until I noticed that the soldering was made using a temperature which was too cold, so it was most likely some components are now not soldered properly to the printed circuit board.

Well, that’s not a big problem because I have a soldering iron and some flux.

I found one chip that had probably some solder underneath it not heated properly. I applied a bit of flux and heat pads for a few seconds.

After that, I re-soldered this way, not every point that I suspected had been soldered properly.

With a small screwdriver, I cleaned between USB port pins and re-soldered pins I suspected had cold soldering.

So what’s the moral of this story. Well, Amazon basically does not care too much about the quality it seems. As Amazon seller so I can tell they care a lot about inauthentic things which is strange.

Shame that the quality of this USB hub is so low. Also, I suspect it can’t charge the phone quickly. The only USB hub that can charge my phone quickly is Amazon Basics USB hub only 2.0.

At the end, I also replaced the power supply. The original one was 12V and 3A but I replaced with a smaller one 12V and 1A I think (because I did not have a more powerful 12V power supply).

All this effort finally fixed the issues I had with this USB hub.


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