How To Avoid Damage By EMF

I have experience with EMF from computers, phones and tablets and would like to share my findings.

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I do not want to scare you, but prolonged exposure to EMF can lead to an allergy.

If you are experiencing pain in your body and using electronic equipment like a mobile phone, a TV, a desktop computer, take a break immediately and protect yourself from EMF.

Most common EMF allergy symptoms are:

•    Foggy brain
•    Pain in chest
•    Pain in stomach
•    Muscle pain
•    Inability to concentrate
•    Anxiety
•    And so on

Most common sources of EMF are:

•    Switching power supplies
•    Laptop computers
•    Desktop computers
•    TVs
•    Stepper motors
•    Big three phase motors
•    BUCK converters (in laptops and desktop computers)
•    Mobile phones
•    Smart meters
•    Tablets
•    Digital cameras

What are simplest ways to protect yourself?

There is one material that will block radio waves and other sorts of EMF. This is simply tin foil or kitchen foil. You can find videos on YouTube proving that this protection actually works.

Aluminum foil reflects EMF but does not absorb it, so you must see and plan where those reflected waves will go.

My simple setup for my laptop helps me when I am working on it at home on a table. I cut a piece of foil and put a sellotape on corners for it to be more rigid and not tear that easily. Also, I put a piece of copy paper first and the foil on the top. This way, it does not interfere with the touchpad.

You can make a bit longer piece and then cover with it the top and the bottom of the laptop. I also use a desktop PC keyboard and a wireless mouse so as to be as far from the laptop as possible.

I also bought a USB cable extension and USB wireless dongle and keep the wireless USB dongle no closer than 3 meters from me.

On the left side you see a USB hub, and on the right side, you see a soldering station which also has a simple transformer. Using devices with simple transformers is crucial.

So, here, you solve it with kitchen foil that simply works.

How about mobile phones

As mentioned before, the prolonged use of a mobile phone will cause an allergic reaction. I keep my phone in a handbag because I carry a laptop in my bag anyway. Or if I want to keep the phone in my pocket, I switch it to airplane mode. There is a program called Tasker, and with it, you can schedule when you want to go online or when you want to use airplane mode. Switch off the airplane mode for 5 minutes each hour, for example, to make apps update and receive email.

Need I wrap my router with kitchen foil?

No, that’s unnecessary. You just must stay away from it. At least a couple of meters away and definitely not sleep in the same room as it.

I do not want to scare people not to use any electronic equipment anymore. No, but there are consequences when you do not know and think it is 100 percent safe. Mobile phones are supposed to be used at least 5mm away from the body. This is the specification they are following. But who uses the phone 5mm away when talking or when carrying it in the pocket?

Mobile phones can’t pass certification testing if they are not held 5mm away from the body. Please remember this.

Other EMF sources to avoid

Each laptop power adapter is a source of EMF as it has inside a switching power supply. Though, it’s not that powerful as desktop computer power supply, but still.

I was trying to make it safer by wrapping it in kitchen foil, but unfortunately, this made almost no difference. This is probably because both cables that go into it act as antennas. So I left it as is. Anyway, I am using smaller adapters for 14 inch laptop right now.

I must mention here also 3D printers. Though, I am not sure what was actually causing pain in my stomach. Was this 12V switching power supplies of those 3D printers, stepper motors or printer electronics? Anyway, this was probably all of them that caused my stomach pain next to ribs on the left side.

I had pain problems in my work. There were electric motors, other electronics, and desktop computers. I left because the pain was unbearable.

In another workplace also the same story – electric motors, wireless routers, and electronics. I had to leave that place too.

I once bought Rigol digital oscilloscope to work on laptop motherboards. Unfortunately, I had to sell it as it gave me foggy brain symptom.

I now have a collection of various digital cameras, and Nikon D80 seems to cause problems less than others. Need to find out is D5300 also low EMF.

My Sony A7 seems okay, but it probably has higher EMF compared to D80.

In conclusion, I would say that its difficult at first to link a pain in your body to any electronic device. But if you are using it long enough and the pain does not go away, it’s probably the EMF that causes it.

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