How To Assemble Raspberry  Pi 2 and 3 VESA Monitor Case

Do you have a Raspberry Pi model 2 or 3? Do you need a monitor (VESA) mount for it?

I will show how to assemble the case with a fan and another case without a fan.

Case with a fan (case without a fan is further down)

It has the same dimensions except it is higher and can accommodate a Pi fan and a small heat sink.

Here is the top part. You must use the four screws that came with the fan. If you do not have them, I believe they are M2.5x13. You may need to make those four holes bigger using 3mm drill bit. I will fix the design later on.

As you see, the case has all ports accessible and there is a slot for micro SD card.

Now, here is how to connect the Pi-fan to the I/O ports.

Case without a fan

If you do not want to use a fan, then the case is simple to assemble.

The design will probably differ from you see here, but the principle of assembling will be the same.

The bottom part is the same - just the top part is lower.

You must use the four M3x20 screws. These screws are shorter compared to those used on the case with a fan.

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