How To Make Most Of Your Laptop

Use Power Saver mode. If you want to use the laptop longer on battery power I recommend setting it to Power Saver mode. I personally do not notice anything different than from the Balanced Mode, but the battery life increases. In this mode your laptop will emit less of an electromagnetic field. This is important for EMF-sensitive people.

Double the Memory. If I get a new laptop or a used one I double the memory (RAM) amount. Almost all laptops today provide easy access to memory modules and the memory itself is affordable.  

Use a mouse for higher productivity. I do not like a trackpad that much, so sometimes I disable it and use a wireless mouse. This allows me to be much more productive. There are some very good wireless mice out there, like those made by Logitech.

Google Drive. This is very good software that allows for synchronization of your data on all computers that you have. It also works on mobile phones.

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Upgrade storage. For those of you who have small storage space on 14-inch laptops with a 32GB hard drive for example, I recommend buying a micro USB Flash Drive and accommodating Google Drive files there. Here are instructions for how to do that:

a)    sign out from Google Drive,
b)    move the Google Drive directory to the USB Flash Drive,
c)    sign back in to Google Drive,
d)    it will ask where the directory is; navigate to the destination.
e)    you now have a Google Drive location that you can use to the fullest.

If the laptop overheats and shuts down. This most likely affects laptops that are older than one year. I suggest keeping it on a hard surface. Some laptops are designed with ventilation access to the cooling fan from the bottom. If you are confident you can take out the cover and inspect the laptop inside for whether the cooling fan is clean and the processor’s heat sink is clean.
An overheating laptop will have a shorter life, and this is especially true for sophisticated laptops with dedicated graphic cards.
Some laptops like the Asus E403SA have a passive cooling system so they need less hardware maintenance.

The idea is to keep the laptop cool if we want to ensure it runs without any hardware problems for a long time. There are even laptop cooling pads that will make it cooler.

What about virus protection? Well, this also needs to be looked into. I often do not use any antivirus except Windows Defender. Most additional antivirus software will slow the laptop down. However, I am very careful with what software I use on my laptop and what websites I visit.

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