How To Use Microsoft Word

Here I will show you how to get the most out of Microsoft Word.
You can get a cheap version of Microsoft Office on eBay. If you’ve already purchased and installed it, it is located in Microsoft Office folder in the Start Menu. With this program you can start typing right away.

To make the title bold you can point the mouse to the beginning of the line and click the left mouse button. This will highlight the entire line. Now we can click on the panel to make it bold or use a keyboard combination: CTRL + B.

In Office 2010 there are also optional proofing tools for Spanish and French languages. Which proofing tools are already installed depends on what regional language Microsoft Office version you have.

To start proofreading your document press F7.

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I believe this shortcut works on all Word versions.
To download free proofing tools for your language, type in a search engine "Language Accessory Pack For Office". These packs are available for the 2010, 2013 and 2016 Office versions. After you install them they will be enabled automatically and you just need to press F7 in Word to start proofreading.

How to paste images. This is simple. Just click Insert and then click Image, or you can use the quicker way with keyboard keys: press Alt then I P F.

To compress pictures in Word 2010 and make Word files smaller click on the picture. A Picture Tools panel will appear on the top of the screen. Click Compress Pictures. Uncheck "Apply only to this picture".
To do the same in Office 2003 you need to right click on the image and choose Format Picture. In the Picture Tab click Compress, select All Pictures in Document, choose either Web/Screen or Print and click OK.

How to prepare the picture. First of all, pictures should be the right exposure to look good in documents or on the web. You can adjust them in Word, but I prefer to do this with other software.  Modern cameras have the option to show a histogram. Even DSLRs have a Live View option where you can see the histogram. Before you take the picture make sure the histogram touches the right and left corners. Manual camera settings are the best way to go. If you do not have a picture with a good histogram you can correct it with Fast Stone Image Viewer. Navigate with it to the picture and press CTRL+L (CTRL and L at the same time). It will show a histogram.

Click and drag the right arrow to the left. You will notice that the picture will get brighter. Save it. You also can draw and write text in the image if you press the letter D.

You also can increase image sharpness. Use the keyboard combination Ctrl + U for this purpose.

Tick sharpen and slide the slider a bit to the right.

How to type faster with Word. For fast typing training I use Typing Master version 7. The interesting thing about it is that the free version works better than the paid version.

How to be better focused for typing the document. I find software called Dark Room Text Editor from to be very useful. However, on Windows 10 I can't paste text from other software into Dark Room.

How to get ideas for your writing. I know sometimes there is a lack of ideas even if you have a subject. When I need to expand my article I use Click on “Services” and choose "Writers Helper", which is free. It will take from the Internet similar text to your needs. One thing you need to know is that this will not be an exact match to your needs, but a very close one.

I do not know about your copy of Microsoft Office, but my version of Office 2010 Pro Plus noticeably slows my laptop down. I am using a 14-inch Asus E403SA and the office software seems to be a little overkill for this small laptop. I have previously used Office 2003 on this laptop so I will probably switch to the 2003 version. There is Proofing Tools for this version, though it is not available for free download.

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