How To Clean A Computer

Cleaning the hardware. This is the first thing you do on a computer that is more than one year old.  The usual places to clean on laptops are the fan and heatsink.

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Sometimes, the keyboard gets dirty, so it is recommended to blow it with compressed air or with a air compressor. The fan and heatsink area on the laptop is the most difficult place to clean. This area is difficult because compressed air from a can is not powerful enough to blow gathered dust from the fan. There can be layers of dust clogging the fan and if these layers are moved, they could get stuck in the corner. An air compressor is very powerful and can blow everything out, even from corners.

On a desktop, the heatsink and fan are just as important. But, on a desktop, it is much easier to clean everything as there is easy access to the area and the fan can be separated from the heatsink.

Again, an air compressor is much better to use than compressed air in the can.  Yes, the place to clean on desktops is the fan and the heatsink. Desktops also have a power supply unit which also has a fan. Usually, there is no problem with the fans in the PSU.

Unless the desktop computer is located in a damp place, there should not be a problem. Damp atmospheres are not good for electronics and condensation will most likely damage bearings. The bearings on cheap versions of fans in cheap PSUs get worn out and start to make noises. A noise can also indicate that there is a fault in the fan driving electronic circuit.

Now, for the software part.
First of all, make sure that there is no hardware fault. Many times, hard disk faults are overlooked and interpreted as virus infections or an OS fault, such as a driver conflict. 
Uninstall any unnecessary software. There is definitely software on the computer that is not used anymore and will not be used in the future. Uninstalling this software will probably free up a couple of Giga Bytes.

Double check the download folder in the Users folder and delete everything you don’t need.
Double check the Temp Folders on the computer. 
Empty the Recycle Bin.
The hard disk is divided into two or more logical disks, and in my opinion, this is not a very good idea. First of all, the disk C is small. As the Windows system tends to grow because of the data, after some time, there will be no free space left in disk C.
Back up your data first before proceeding with any cleaning work.
Double check the Internet Explorer temporary folder.
Videos take a lot of space. Delete the videos that you don’t need.
Defragmentation will not help here. In fact, modern operating systems don’t need defragmentation at all.
A virus scan would be useful here.
The software that came preinstalled with the computer is better to uninstall. Companies like Sony and HP are preloading laptops with software nicknamed bloat ware. It is necessary to uninstall, because it slows the system down.

Unnecessary on a HP laptop:
HP User Guides
Microsoft live search toolbar
HP wireless assistant
HP Update
HP Customer service enhancements
HP Total care setup
HP Help and Support

On Sony:
Vaio Marketing Tools
Vaio Premium Partners
Vaio Content Metadata Intelligent Analyzing Manager
Vaio Content Metadata Intelligent Network Service Manager
Vaio Content Metadata Manager Settings
Vaio Content Metadata XML Interface Settings
Vaio Content Monitoring Settings
DSD Direct
DSD Direct Player
Click to DVD
Vaio Service Utility

Vaio Care (useful)
    Vaio Power Management (useful)
    Vaio Control Center (useful)
    Vaio Event Service (essential)
    Vaio Wallpapers (because I like them)
Double check installed software and uninstalls all registry optimizers, registry boosters, and speed boosters. They do nothing useful but take up excess space and use system resources.

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