Hard drive replacement for various computer systems.

The easiest place to replace the hard drive is on desktop computers. To get access to the hard drive, it is necessary to open the side panel to the computer. 

The hard drive is located horizontally in a bay, but sometimes on branded systems, the hard drive is located vertically. If the hard drive is vertical, it is in a caddy. There is a few ways as to how the hard drive will be screwed into the chassis. 

Usually, there are four screws holding the hard drive to the chassis. But, sometimes there are only two screws. It could be fixed in a caddy place just by one screw as well.

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There are many places where a hard drive could be located in a laptop. On very old laptops, the hard drive is usually located behind the keyboard. The hard drive has an adaptor which is not easy to take out and not easy to disconnect without bending a few pins. For example, on a very old HP laptop, the hard drive is hidden below the keyboard. To take it out, you need to be very careful as it has an adapter which is broken easily and expensive to replace. 

On modern laptops, a new design that has been introduced is the hard drive in the caddy in the laptop side, covered with a plastic cover. This design might also have an adapter or not. The downside of this design is that the hard drive tends to be in extreme temperature conditions. To take this hard drive out, it is much easier than taking it from behind a keyboard. 

Another design is when the hard drive is in the caddy and fits into the laptop on the bottom side in a separate compartment. This design is the easiest to work with. Usually, the hard drive can be accessed by unscrewing just two screws. There are ten four screws that must be unscrewed that hold the hard drive in the caddy. This is a very simple design. 

In order to make the production even cheaper and simpler, a new design was introduced. This new design includes the hard drive being placed in the bottom side of the laptop and covered with a plastic cover which also covers the memory, the wireless card, and the CPU. This design makes things simpler in terms of the production line, but is less convenient for the user. To remove the cover, there are no less than five screws to unscrew.

On older Mac laptops, the hard drive is located behind the keyboard. On uni-body aluminum Macs, the hard drive is located behind the plastic cover that covers the bottom side of the laptop.

On Netbooks, the hard drive is usually hidden inside. Most of the time, the hard drive is hidden behind the back cover. If the Netbook uses a SSD drive, the memory chips will be hidden inside and soldered on a separate card. Sometimes, they are even and soldered directly on the motherboard.

Apple desktops have different hard drive fittings depending on the model. iMacs have their hard drive hidden behind the screen.

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