Hard Drive Repair

The hard drive is the most important aspect of the computer system, because it holds all of the data. In fact, the hard drive never usually gets repaired and returned back to effective operation in the system. If a repair on the hard drive is necessary, then most of the time, we will conduct a computer hard drive recovery. Depending on what type of fault is in the hard drive, specific software or hardware recovery tools are used. Starting from simple but effective hard drive recovery software like File Scavenger, R-Studio, Stellar Phoenix, and finishing with more advanced hardware tools such as PC-3000, and Atola Insight. Hard drive recovery services are usually expensive. There are a lot of companies that specialize in data recovery. Mac and Windows computers are built now on the same hardware, so it does not matter for the recovery company which file system it is if it is a hard drive mechanical fault.

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The most common fault on a hard drive is the head assembly fault and preamplifier. From my experience, if I open up the hard drive, I will usually find some metal bits or other material bits that are spread throughout the inside of the hard drive or on the disk itself. Even the smallest bit that is the size of a human hair can cause head damage or disk damage. It is not recommended to open the hard drive yourself if you are not in a clean room environment.

It is usually okay to only open the hard drive yourself if only for a short time for a head replacement or disk replacement. The hard drive gets contaminated with dust, and other things such as bacteria or viruses. If the head is damaged, the preamplifier fault is usually what is done as well as a head assembly replacement. The preamplifier is connected to this place in two ways. One way is when it is soldered in and another is when it is glued in. Usually, when it fails, the head assembly is replaced.

When replacing the head assembly, the hardest part is not to damage it. Something should be used to keep the heads separate from each other. This is very precise operation, and if you decide to go ahead and do it, I recommend to practice on a spare hard drive first. The first hard drive that will be opened will definitely be damaged.

Hard drive electronics can malfunction as well, but this is very rare. Some engineers try to replace just the preamplifier. To get the preamplifier separate, it is very difficult and there is a risk to damage when taking it out and placing it back in, it is very sensitive.

There is one method that can “repair” the disk. If the disk has a few bad sectors, zeroing it will probably initiate the reallocation. If the hard drive has spare sectors to replace, then mark it and use the good ones. Every hard drive has a different number of sectors that can be reallocated.

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