Hard Drive Repair Software

There is not any specialized software geared for hard drive repair that does a perfect job. Hard drives are traditionally fixed by using software to do only specific tasks.

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The first method used to fix hard drives is by blanking the drives or zeroing them altogether. The problem with modern hard drive disks is that it can be difficult for them to read data from the disks because they can become very packed with information. There is also an ageing process involved in hard drives in which the data becomes unreadable from regions that have used less information. The result is that there is a bad sector which indicates a disk defect. First of all, we must know that the disk has a defective region, which is not another defect. To reveal disk defects fast, the best software to use is GSmartControl.

If computer repair companies get a computer that shows a failure in the hard drive, they will back up the data and then blank it. They will then install an operating system. With this repair, the computer can run for a month or for a year, the reality is that nobody knows exactly how long the computer will run for. 

With specific GSmartControl software, we can see if the disk contains bad sectors or not. There is an alternative for GSmartControl called HDTune. HDTune shows the disk surface as a big 2D window, and if there is a surface, it will show red dots on it.

Hard drives have the capability to remap a disk surface. As the exact mechanism is not widely published, sometimes it works, but other times, it does not. The best software for to use is Blancco, which is a paid software. The free alternative to Blancco is Kill Disk.
The way to use Blancco is to write zeros to the hard drive and then check it again with GSmartControl or with HDTune. There should be no sectors that have a pending reallocation, and the HDTune software should show a green region. This is just one way that I know how to repair hard dives using software.

The graphic below is SMART information of a hard disk before it has been blanked.

Below is a graphic of SMART data after it has been blanked.

The method described above will destroy all data.

Another way to fix hard drives for data recovery is to let them cool down and then connect them to an external USB and SATA interface. Cooling them down will make the electronics easier to work with, and the interface has its own power supply which is known to make some hard drives come back to life.

There are also a few programs out there that claim to relocate bad sectors on a disk. I believe they probably do the same job as balancing programs do. It is simply not possible to make a disk clear if the hard drive has no resources left.

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