Hard Drive Recovery Tools

The best tools to get are the platter swap tool kit from Donordrives.com or the multi platter swap tool. The single platter swap kit is easy to use, but to swap two or more platters on the hard drive, it can be complicated. This tool is able to swap 4 or more assembly platters.

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If needed, the tool to remove the platter without moving them is this tool. In fact, hard drives can have two or more platters. If they move just a bit, there is no way to get the data back. This is the information I have heard from data recovery specialists.

To do a head replacement, or to do a platter or a multi-platter swap, we need to remove the heads. The heads are very hard to remove. If they are parked outside the platter on the stand, then they are easy to remove. If they are not parked on the platter, then this job is complicated. First of all, they are fragile and they are in pairs slightly pushing on to one another. So, if they slip from the platter, they will touch each other.

To put the heads back on the plate is also a challenge, although this is not as difficult as taking them out. What we also need here is to be very careful as to not scratch the platter and to not let the heads touch each other.

There is a specialized head removing tool kit from DonorDrives. It is specialized in the way that each hard drive is made from metal. It can also cost a lot which is probably not affordable for most unless they are a big data recovery company. A cheaper solution comes from Salvation Data. Salvation Data has plastic hard drive head removing tools. They should be able to do the same job as the tool kit from DonorDrives. The most important part is to not touch the heads to each other and not to touch or scratch the platter. Some people report problems with this tool kit from Salvation Data. It would be very nice if we could get a feedback from people that have used them in the past or are currently using them.

Head replacement tool kit from Salvation Data.


The software/hardware tool that receives a lot of compliments is the PC-3000. This tool is not for a novice, and whoever uses it needs to be familiar with the principles on how the hard drives work.

The software tools already mentioned are in the best hard drive recovery software.

Software. File Scavenger, Recuva, DD Rescue.

Head removing tool, PC-3000, Atola Insight, spindle removing tool, Imager, TTL interface, etc.

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