How to Get Cheap Consumer Electronics

I have been in the electronics market for a few years now. What I have noticed is that this market not only has fluctuating prices, but supply and demand also seems to be fluctuating.  What is good about all this that we can buy consumer electronics much cheaper.

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Summer is the time when seems that consumer electronics prices going down.
For example, on eBay I was watching a laptop, an Asus E403SA, and in the summer it went from £180 to £110. Additionally, in the summer eBay sometimes run huge 20% discounts on anything bought over £50. So, the usually low prices in the summer and additional discounts make a huge difference.

There is one more way to get what you need for cheap. This one is looking for refurbished items on eBay and on other retail websites. In the UK PC World has a website where there is a separate section called refurbished laptops. I found it by typing "refurbished laptops pc world" into Google.

On eBay they’ve started to send notifications if the item price gets lowered by the seller.

Amazon tends to be more expensive for electronics. However, Amazon feedbacks are more about the product and are on the same page, whereas eBay’s feedbacks are more about the seller, how long it took to arrive etc. Also, eBay’s feedback is very short and only recently have eBay started to show long feedbacks on the item page. Amazon now has far more customer feedback but at the same time there are lots of fake reviews.

At the time of writing the best laptops are those which have i7 processors. Though, there is a bunch of generations of this processor. The latest of course will be expensive. The used ones are also to be considered, but I myself have never liked buying used electronics. You never know when it is going to fail and if it does there will be no warranty cover.

I am also skeptical about those sellers that sell repaired laptops or electronics. From my experience it is just waste of time; I’ve had many laptops and phones that failed again after someone repaired them. The best way if searching for cheaper options is to look for factory refurbished products. I have bought many laptops from factory refurbishments and all of them turned out to be great. The Asus E403SA that I bought in the summer was exactly from factory refurbishment and it still works to this day. I also bought a Lenovo 320s which came with a damaged box and which also works to this day.

I can share some shops that sell refurbished electronics in the UK. A shop that I have bought from many times is Morgan Computers. You can visit them online and they have a brick-and-mortar shop in Manchester. The address is 11-12 Station Approach,
Manchester, M1 2GH.

At the end of this article I would like to share with you my good laptop repair shop findings. This is in case your laptop is still good to use and just needs some repair work.

The first one is Louis Rosmann, which has a shop in New York. They also have a mail-in repair service.
They do mostly MacBook logic board repairs.

The other one is a friend of mine in Birmingham, UK. He does almost everything - screen replacements, diagnostics, data recovery, except probably logic board repairs.

The third is the guy who does MacBook logic board repairs in the UK. Here is his Facebook.

Here is the fourth shop. This guy has a computer repair business in Birmingham, UK. They do almost everything including logic board repairs.

So if you have a faulty laptop, give them a call. Just keep in mind that some of them charge a lot (well, they are the best!).

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