58. Gateway Laptop DC Jack Repair Tips

Gateway laptops have standard DC Jacks that differ only on the size as well as the plug and pin topology. Here's how it looks when on the motherboard.

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This is a standard DC Jack with two wires that usually come in. The central pin is + and the surrounding pins and the jack casing is -. As mentioned already on this site, in some rare cases it is enough to just re-solder the pins to the motherboard. The jack can get loose from the motherboard because of the forces applied to it. In all other cases, it is necessary to take the old DC Jack out and solder a new one in. 

For this purpose, a de-soldering gun such as the Hakko 808 can be used as a powerful iron and pump which can do the job. I have a guide on how to de-solder a DC Jack using a Hakko 808 de-soldering gun.

There is also the possibility that when the DC Jack gets damaged, one of the MOSFETs on the board will also get damaged. This usually happens with the MOSFET that is located next to the DC Jack. Sometimes, the MOSFET can get damaged even if the DC Jack is good. This might happen because of voltage spikes when we connect the power adaptor to the laptop.

We have had a few Gateway laptops that have had a damaged central pin. The pin was just broken. Sometimes, central pins can break even if they are made from a very thick wire. On some models, it can seem impossible to break the pin, but still it does.

One way to fix this problem is to replace the DC Jack. Previously, I had success by soldering a short piece of wire to join the central pin with the motherboard. But, soldering the two broken pieces together is not a very good idea because it can break again.

This type of fault is easy to diagnose and also, somewhat easy to repair.

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