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If you are looking for a software that will fix the computer automatically I would disappoint you. Especially it is strange to se that a company had developed a software that fixes Windows errors and the registry. From my experience simple registry fix almost never fix any problem with a computer. Probably could even harm instead of help. Probably the company with this software is targeting customers who want a quick and free fix. I would like to check their repair statistics. Probably they do not have it or if they do then the numbers probably will confirm my opinion. 

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Everything what can be done for free depends from the person who owns the computer. Some companies may do a free diagnostic if they are working on no fix no fee basis.

For free may be we can get a guide on the internet and do the repair themselves. Free is just an information on the internet. Can be searched as model plus the fault and on forums there will be a lot of information that people sharing who have the same desktop or laptop model. Usually those are common faults and affected many systems.

My favorite computer diagnostic tools can be found here. Some of the tool can be run remotely. They are with descriptions and how to use tem also how to interpret the information they give. Very important thing is to separate the information we need if we are looking for it on the internet.

Equipment that used for computer repair and diagnose can br found here. If you decide to get a tool to repair I would recommend getting for a start a multimeter.
Of course there is somebody that can help you like you friend or neighborhood. I saw some companies have a free help system online.
On this site there are some articles that include a fault description on a laptop or desktop model. Please use search and try to find the fault you have.

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