How to Fix Computer Internet that is Too Slow

The speed of your internet connection is based on many factors. If all these factors are triggered, the overall internet speed will be slow. Some of these factors are beyond your control because the problem can be in the side of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The good news is that most of the slow internet issues can be eliminated by just doing some maintenance tasks by yourself; you don’t need to hire a computer expert because some of the Internet troubleshooting tips we are going to share below are straightforward.
It has been noted that the major cause of slow internet connection even after making sure that all other factors are checked is malware and spyware invasion. It is therefore critical to ensure that your PC is protected from malware and spyware by installing the necessary protective tools and antivirus program. It has also been noted that when a computer has some errors, these errors can have negativity in your overall internet speed.

To make your internet speed to remain at its optimal level, you need to find these errors that slow your internet and rectify them. In this post, we share the common causes of slow internet connection and provide viable solutions to these issues. Read on to know about them but before that, you need to make sure that you understand your internet speed.

How to Check PC’s Internet Speed

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To check the internet speed that your ISP is providing, you can use a tool such as the one on This will help you to find out whether the internet speeds you are getting are in line with what you have paid your ISP for. If you find out that these are not tallying, you should contact your internet services provider and have them rectify the issue. If you find out that all is okay but you still receive a slow internet connection, know that there are other issues that are affecting your PC’s internet connection. These are the issues were going to discuss below:

1.    Check If The Problem Is With Your Hardware

Before you go hard on your ISP it is wise to first do some hardware check. Reset or restart your routers and modems and see whether there will be an improvement. If you have another computer in your home, look at it first and see whether it has an internet connection issue. If you find out that the problem is with one computer, then the issue is not with the router or modem it is with that particular computer.

If the issue is with the modem or router, you can tweak its hardware by resetting or restarting and see whether the issue persists. If you use a wireless connection you can reset your WIFI by pressing a WIFI reset button available in most routers and modems. If that doesn’t help either, you can consult a technician or if your modem is retiring, you can buy a new one.

2.    Fix Your Wireless Signals

Most people use WIFI connection in their homes and offices. So if you are one of them and you are experiencing slow internet connection, weak WIFI signals might be causing the slow internet connection. If this is the case, then there are few things you can do to improve the wireless signal in your home without spending too much.

If you observe that your WIFI connection appears to be poor, you need to reposition your WIFI router. If you use WIFI in home or office, you need to set it in a strategic position. Placing it in an open area and at a central point is the best way to boost WIFI signals. If this doesn't help, you can invest in WIFI boosters and use them to amplify WIFI signal across room, office or home.

3.   Investigate Bandwidth Hogging Application and Plug-in

Now, if you have already fixed all the above issues, it is now the time to see if there are any programs hogging your internet connection. A good example is when you are downloading files over BitTorrent; your web browser will tend to be slower. Other things that might slow your connection include ads.
To rectify this, you can install extensions such as Ad Block to get rid of ads that might be hogging your bandwidth.

Services such as file syncing Dropbox, One Drive or even Google drive can make your internet connection to be extremely low especially if there are large files syncing. If you don’t need these services you can pause, quit them or run them when you are not using your PC.

Windows Update is also another service that can cause a slow internet connection. When Windows updates are downloading, you will notice that the connection is getting a bit slow. To rectify this, you can pause or set windows to notify you when downloading updates. You can also set updates to be performed when you are not using your PC.

4.    Be Mindful OF Worms And Malware

Malware and worms are malicious programs that are spread across devices either through a computer network or over the internet. When one PC in your network is affected, the others will likely get affected too which can harm your internet connection.

Make sure that you have a strong antivirus and make sure that you update it regularly so you won't miss any malware and virus attack. You can also avoid visiting a suspicious website or downloading files you are not sure of the source.

5.    Contact You ISP

If you have done all the above troubleshooting but still find that the problem persists, you can contact your Internet service providers and see whether they can help you on their end.

Sometimes ISPs may have placed some filters or controls on your network which might be limiting internet performance. So, if you suspect that your ISP is responsible for your slow internet connection, do not hesitate to call them and enquire.
The above are ways that you can use to fix a slow internet connection in your PC, laptop, and other devices. You should therefore not suffer under sluggish internet connection, try out the above and enjoy the rightful internet speeds.


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