Fixing A Laptop That Lags When Running Heavy Applications

There is nothing as annoying as waiting for a slow laptop or PC to respond. This can cause troubles with most of the things you are working on. You can also lose a lot of valuable time that you could have used to do other important things. To get things done faster and to become more productive, you need to have a PC that moves at your pace. PCs do lag both new and old, there are so many causes of this problem, you need to identify these problems and learn how to fix them. In this post, we have listed the causes and the solutions. There are easy to follow and you don’t need expert’s help to fix a lagging laptop or PC.

1.    Get Rid Of Programs You Are Not Using

A new computer comes pre-installed with tons of programs most of which you might not need. These programs run every time you use your PC and may cause your PC to have slow performance. Some of these programs are very resource hungry; they use a lot of RAM and storage which leaves your computer deficient of resources needed to run smoothly.

Do you know that you don’t even notice that some of these programs are running because most of them run in the background? You will keep wondering what is happening to your PC as it gets slow; but here is how to uninstall these programs.
Click on “Start” then go to the “Control Panel” Here you will find the “Programs and Features” and click on that. You will get a list of all the programs in your PC, look for those you are not using and click “Uninstall”

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You should, however, care for not to uninstall vital programs that may prevent your PC from running well. After uninstalling you will most likely be prompted to restart, you can skip that until you finish uninstalling all of them and then restart your PC.

2.    Remove Temp Files

Computer stores temporally files and these can accumulate after a period of time and cause issues of your PC’s performance. Most of these temporary files are stored whenever you use internet browsers or when you install a program; some packages are left on your PC.
To get rid of these “Temp” files,
-    Open Run by clicking “Windows Button + R” alternatively, you can click on “Start” and search for “Run”. On Run window

-    Type “%temp%” on the Run window and press Enter
-    A file explorer window will pop up
-    Select all the files in that folder and press delete

-    Go to the recycle bin and empty it
By doing this, you will have cleared all the temporary files in your PC and it will run faster.

3.    Get More RAM

RAM is the memory used by your computer to run programs. The best thing about it is that it can be upgraded. If you want your PC to run faster, you can upgrade your RAM. If for example, you have been using a 2GB RAM or a 4GB RAM, you can upgrade that to something like 8GB which will improve your PC’s performance significantly. If you are intending to run heavy applications or games, this could be the best time to upgrade your RAM.

4.    Stop Startups that are Not-Needed

Whenever you are starting your PC or laptop, there are programs and services that run automatically on startup. These programs start services like Skype, Spotify, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. when all these services are starting they will consume your computer’s memory and makes it be slow.
Startup programs can also make your PC to boot very slowly. You need to get rid of some of the services that you don’t need to start when booting your PC. To remove startup services and apps;
-    Go to “Start” and type “Run”

-    In the Run popup type “msconfig”
-    A window will appear, click on “Startup” tab where you will get a list of all the application that run during startup.

-    You can manually un-tick the entire program that you don’t want to run during startup, alternatively, you can disable all. NOTE: Make sure you don’t disable vital program such as antivirus.

5.    Defragment Your Disk

Disk defragment is a critical tool to help improve a PC that is running slowly. It helps in optimizing that hard drive making it even more effective. To defragment your disk;

-     Go to “My Computer”
-    Go to “Properties” by right-clicking on the hard drive you wish to defragment.
-    Select the “Tools Tab” here you should see the “Defragment Now” option.
-    Click on that option. This process might take some time so you should be patient.

6.    Reduce Overheating

Overheating can be as a result of all these things we have learned above when your PC is trying to keep up with these programs and processes. However, many don’t know that dust on your PC can cause your laptop to overheat. When a computer overheats, its general performance reduces. The fan is used to get rid of excess heat from your computer and when it is clogged with dust this will not happen and your PC will be slow.

To rectify this, you can dust off your PC using a blower. Also, make sure that your laptop or PC sits in a cool environment. If you find out that the cooling system of your PC is not powerful enough it is that high time to replace it with a new one.

7.    Update Your PC’s Drivers

Old and obsolete drivers might make your PC to run slowly. Wrong drivers can also cause lagging issue in your PC or laptop. In order to fix this issue, you need to update your drivers regularly. There are tools out there to help you to perform this task seamlessly.

Driver Pack Solution is a tool by Windows that can help in scanning all the drivers in your PC and updating them automatically. This tool simplifies everything and you don’t have to be a computer guru to update your drivers.

The last advice I would give you if all the above doesn’t work is to buy a new PC. Nowadays, PCs are becoming affordable day by day. Their performance is incredible and therefore if you are using an old PC it is advisable to buy a new one and enjoy the super fast speeds that come with these modern PCs.


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