How to Fix Laptop Keys

Laptops are very delicate devices and often perceived as unfixable by an average user. The fact is that a laptop is no different than a desktop when it comes to components and their fixes. It is easier to change or upgrade components on a desktop compared to a laptop but in some cases fixing things in laptops is just as easy. Laptop keyboards are slim and embedded in the body but changing or fixing its keys does not require any IT experience. Today, we will go through the process of fixing your laptop keys within minutes.

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Step 1
The most important step is to verify your laptop model so if any key is broken then you can order the exact same key.

As you can see in the image above, we are using a standard laptop keyboard for demonstration. The picture shows how to remove a key.

All you have to do is lift it up with your finger give it slight pull and it will come right off.

Step 2
Once the key has been removed, you will find a small mechanism which is installed underneath the key.

A laptop key consists of three parts – keycap, keypad and key retainer. The key retainer itself consists of two pieces – a border frame and a jump mechanism which gives the key strokes a clicky feel.

Just use a small screw driver or a cutter to free the retainer from the keypad in order to change it. You have to be careful, so you do not damage other components. Give it a slight pull on the top borders on each end and it will free itself from the locks.

Step 3
Once the key retainer is free from its lock, it will look something like this (below):

Now it is time to completely remove the key frame from the body so you can change it or fix the current one if possible.
All you have to do is push it forward with minimal force and it will be free from its locks. You can take help from a screw driver or a cutter if you want to be delicate and not bend the keyboard by applying too much force.

Step 4
The next step is just as easy. Get the replacement keycap (if needed, you can use the old one as well) and key retainer, then position it on the keypad.

You have to make sure that the right side is facing up so you can install the keycap correctly later in the process and also the orientation of the key retainer is aligned with the locks.

Once the alignment is perfected, push the key retainer in to its designated locks on the keyboard. You can do this with the help of a screw driver or a cutter.
Make sure that the locks are firmly secured so the key doesn’t get lose later on during usage.
Step 5
The final step is to place the keycap over the key retainer and push it with your thumb. You will hear a snapping sound which will verify that the key has been set in to place.

As a result, you will have a brand new laptop key within minutes and it will last you for a long time. You can check the new mechanism by pressing the key multiple times and see if the character is registered correctly on the screen.

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