How to Find a Low EMF Laptop Computer

Are you sensitive to EMF? Do you have symptoms that even your doctor can’t believe? Well, you are not alone. I do not tolerate most desktop computers. Simply, I can’t work in the same room where there are one or more desktop computers, regardless of what make they are. I can’t properly explain what it is, but in the long run, I feel as if my brain is damaged. This affects my memory and causes pain in my stomach.

The laptop models I had and experienced some mild or severe symptoms are:

•    Chromebook. This laptop probably has the lowest EMF emission. But it is with some caveats as the operating system is not mature enough, and I can’t do things that are easy to do with a Windows laptop;
•    Asus E403SA. This laptop is somewhat tolerable. Though, it has small storage.
•    Dell Inspiron 1525. This laptop emits a lot of EMF.
•    Toshiba C55. It depends what version of this laptop you can get. I had it with a Celeron Intel N2830 and had to return it, as it was underpowered. It is simply hard to use, even for web browsing, though the emission this laptop had seems to be one of the lowest.
•    ASUS X453MA-WX462. This laptop seems to have low EMF, but it is also underpowered, and I had to return it.
•    I had an Apple MacBook Pro, but it gave me symptoms like chest pain, and I sold it.

It seems that smaller laptops are lower EMF, and the further you stay from a laptop, the less EMF you get.

Here is a way I found to test the laptop for EMF. There are cheap AM/FM radios that seem to work well with detecting electromagnetic fields. I have one made by Indin.

Here is how to investigate the laptop. Set the radio to AM and tune it to 53 on the AM scale. Now, slide it over all laptop surfaces and listen. There will be one or a few places where you hear more noise. If that sound is not so powerful, this means the laptop is low EMF. A comparison of two or more laptops will give a better picture of what is powerful EMF and what is mild EMF.

Usually, the radio will have louder noise where the processor sits and next to the screen or next to the laptop logo. I am not sure why there is so much EMF in these places. It looks like it is related to a screen cable.

The other place where there is substantial EMF is the laptop power adapter. And strangely, if you use the radio to see how much EMF it emits, the unplugged charger seems to emit more EMF as one plugged to the laptop.

In conclusion, my symptoms seem to correlate with what the AM/FM radio can measure. If the radio can pick up louder noise, I have severe symptoms from that laptop.
Smaller equipment seems to emit less EMF.
Ambient EMF also can affect what you are getting in your body. This is because interference between fields is produced by a few sources. 

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