Do UFOs Have Computers and if They do How it Looks Like and What it Does


If we are using computers in our plains and space crafts alien civilization may also use similar devices in their space crafts. Furthermore, some of our military planes have supercomputers and in a few decades, artificial intelligence will manage our transport systems.  Let’s dig into this topic.

Any alien spacecraft should have a sort of central information processing unit. Probably this would be some sort of artificial intelligence that controls navigation, life support, propulsion, etc.

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Is it compact?

Yes, it should be. Considering the size of seen UFOs, the size of a computer in the spacecraft would be no bigger than a laptop or a desktop computer.

Is it digital?

Most likely it is, and most likely it is a quantum computer. In the case of AI, it's difficult even to think about it. Everything that AI would invent or manage would be perfect.

On the other hand, the alien spacecraft can be a product of AI design. Considering that the aliens are reported sometimes to look like humanoids. So, it seems that humanoids and artificial intelligence can live next to each other which could be good news for us.

Wearable tech?

Yes, of course. I think that something that is implanted in a body gives too much trouble, i.e. it can break down and will need to be extracted, the body can simply reject it, infections, etc. wearable tech like some sort of communicator with a central computer would be a way to go. Maybe they wear contact lenses also to have available information display.

Many say that the communication is used by thought. However, I think when thought communication used with computers you can get in much trouble. Imagine what would happen if a computer had a faulty circuit and deleted your memory, implant itself into your brain. No one would be happy knowing this possibility.

With their technology advancements they probably need not wear any tech because it is integrated into suits, clothes or they have some sort of compact devices that can communicate directly with a brain like a brain scanner.

Can they connect to our Internet?

I think they can do this and probably doing that already. Just hope they will not infect our network with some AI super virus that will wreak havoc. 

Can they receive our TV and radio?

They can, but only from a distance no further than 10 light years. After that, the signals become so weak that they would need a dish something about the size of the earth to pick up something.

Alien vehicles for sure can pick it up as they would be next to the earth.

The power source for all the electronics and other equipment

I think the electronics on alien spacecraft require little power. Probably a battery or a fuel cell would do the job. The primary device that requires much power would be the propulsion system. I can’t even speculate what it is and how it works.

What would happen if they give their computers to us?

It depends on how advanced it is. Most likely we could not adopt it to our needs.

Most likely if they want to give us something they would introduce it gradually through our inventions.

Will they (AI) contact us

I was thinking a long time about this. Question is do they follow suggestions that artificial intelligence makes or do they decided on their own.

Considering all the human history if I would be their AI I would wait and see what will happens. If we do not blow up ourselves say in a century with nuclear weapons, then the contact may be possible. That’s just my thoughts.


Computers in alien spacecraft most likely are compact, very advanced and work on quantum technology. Considering that we are just a few decades away from our artificial intelligence, they may already have artificial intelligence in their crafts and on their planets.

The fact that some aliens are reported as humanoids suggests that artificial intelligence and humanoids can live together in the same spacecraft and most likely on the same planet.


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