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It is possible to retrieve data from a laptop or desktop which is not booting up. A screwdriver Philips or flat is needed. Any small screw driver will do. A SATA to USB adaptor is also needed. This adaptor is a must if data backup is necessary and the adapter also works for hard drive diagnostics using GSmartControl.

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Some cheap adaptors do not work with GSmartControl, but this specific one does. This adapter does a good job with data transfer too.
Next, you need Hiren’s boot CD, UBCD4WIN, or Ubuntu, to boot the computer up and access the files.
An external hard drive is also needed. It can be a small one, 60 GB, depending on haw much data there is.
File Scavenger is helpful. If any area of the disk surface is damaged, some files will be skipped by Hiren’s boot CD.  You can use the file scavenger software on a working computer and connect the faulty hard drive as an external drive. This program will also help when files are accidentally deleted, or when windows does not recognize the hard drive and shows the message, “Operating System Not Found” or “bootmgr is missing”.

For virus fixes. I do not recommend connecting to a Windows computer as the virus can easily transfer itself. Do not connect any USB drive to the infected computer. Use the Ubuntu live CD to boot the computer up and to get the data, or use a very old operating system.

If something is wrong with the motherboard, identify what is wrong first. If it is with the GPU, get a hot air gun and solder the flux Insat Super RMA. Disassemble the laptop and take the motherboard out. For desktop computers, take the graphics card out and remove the heatsink. Apply the flux and heat the GPU chip with a hot air gun with settings on slow or low. Usually, a couple of minutes is enough. Tie it before assembling it back. If this works, get copper shim for the model, apply a silver thermal paste and put everything together. If this is not successful, find a company that will do the reballing for you. Not a reflow, but a reballing, as a reflow is not worth it as it usually fails within 3-6 months. If you want to do more BGA repairs at home, and want to offer it as a service, then get the Jovy infrared machine. As I said before, have a company do the reballing only. Reballing needs more equipment like a jig, hot plate, etc.

Replacement parts will probably be needed including a CPU, RAM, Ahrd Drive, etc. If you need to purchase these parts, then check out online auction sites.

If decided to offer computer repair as a service, then check out Target Secure and NovaTech in the UK which are the best choices as they have next working day delivery.

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We Sell Windows 10 Home and Pro 32/64 bit Factory Reset, Reinstall, and Restore USB Flash Drives For Laptops And Desktop Computers.

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