Disassembling Toshiba Laptop Model SM-30

If you want to replace just the keyboard, please skip to the part where I unscrew screws next to the keyboard.

Here, I will show how to disassemble a Toshiba laptop, take out the keyboard, hard drive, memory, and other components.
Today, all modern laptops are easy to disassemble. Most of the screws that need to be unscrewed are located underneath the laptop. Please take the battery out before doing any work on the laptop.

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We need to slide the hard drive to the side before we can pull it out from the compartment. If we do not do this, we risk damaging it.

This is an older laptop model and it has an older wireless card. We will disconnect it in the next step. There will be also an antenna cable which needs to be disconnected.

Here we see the memory compartment. The small object next to the memory is a modem.

Removing Keyboard

Now we need to remove the long piece of plastic that covers the screws next to the keyboard. We will unscrew these screws. Please do not lose them and do not lose the metal piece either, as it holds the keyboard in place.

Now we can disconnect the keyboard. Actually, to remove keyboard, we need only take out that long plastic piece and unscrew these three screws and nothing else.

If we need to disassemble it further, we need to unscrew a few screws that are located in the DVD bay.

Now we can easily take out the top plastic. The screen is attached to the top plastic with hinges so that it will go together with the screen.

We need to clean the processor fan very frequently. Here it is and now we can remove and properly clean it.


When you hear a noisy laptop fan, it is worth disassembling and cleaning the fan, applying new heat sink paste and perhaps cleaning around the fan if there is any dust. Today’s modern laptops are much better constructed and are easy to disassemble.

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